Kim Jones x ASUS : Incredible Catwalk

Monday, November 02, 2015

It looks so good on paper and we'll have to see if it's executed well. This synergy by fashionista Kim Jones and ASUS means they'll be creating seven stunning fashion images across seven countries in Southeast Asia in only seven days. They've already released the video on the ASUS Philippines page yesterday and it looks stunning.

ASUS Incredible Catwalk7 countries. 7 outfits. 1 mission: to create the world’s Most Incredible Catwalk. Come follow Kim Jones as she travels across Southeast Asia to capture amazing #ZenLooks. We’ve got a special challenge for our fans too. Stay tuned for more information! #ZenFoneCheck out the incredible catwalk photos here :
Posted by ASUS Philippines on Sunday, November 1, 2015

They call this Incredible Catwalk and it's but an honor for a Filipina to be in this campaign with international technology brand ASUS. It'll be all shot on location and they say it's going to have a contemporary interpretation of each country’s national dress. All mean to be inspired by their own country's unique culture and heritage. The gorgeous Kim Jones has already worked with brands like Louis Vuitton so you can only expect this to be very editorial. Just think about it, she'll be in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines all to be shot with the powerful yet stylish Zenfone 2. They're going ahead and confirm that the ZenFone 2 is this season’s most stylish tech accessory. Check out how she fared here!

I remember the ZenPad which I got as a companion to my coverages and trips, but have yet to experience the Zenfone 2 which I see some of my other blogger friends have. But judging by the layouts they made with it, the photos seem really good. Now imagine if you're using this for your own OOTD's and flatlays. That would be a story no? As for now, I can't tell. Though for the Zen Looks, it's nice!

Oh by the way, there's a contest about this on their Facebook page. So make sure you follow their social media channels okay?


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