Dahling Nick for Cinema One Originals Festival 2015

Sunday, November 08, 2015

He's a Filipino historian, prolific writer and journalist. He's one of the best there is when it comes to short stories and novels made with the English language. He's also received the distinction as a National Artist of the Philippines for Literature and there's no contest to that fact that he's probably next to Rizal and Claro M. Recto. The current generation though barely knows him and this particular movie called Dahlin Nick will undoubtedly tell his story, together with his selected works, realism and his literary classics. This is also directed by famed Manila based Sari Lluch Dalena who's works Ka Oryang (2011) earned her a Best Director Award for the 7th Cinema One Originals Film Festival back in 2011. Cinema Originals 2015 will happen this November 9 - 11, 2015 at Trinoma, Glorietta, Resorts World Manila and SM Megamall.

Present during the unveiling of the movie's poster were National Artist F. Sionil Jose (who by the way told a very compelling story of his friend during the presscon). Other works and characters include Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera, award winning pen artists Gemino Abad, Greg C. Brilliantes, Erwin E. Castillo, Butch Dalisay, Jose Lacaba, Marra Pl. Lanot, Jose Maria Sison and Krip Yuson. It will also include archived images, works and blood tingling poetry. It will make you proud to know that you knew a person like Nick Juaquin existed and made the country proud. 

You must be thinking why there are bottles of beer on the table. Nick Juaquin was known to carry around one during occasions, it was like a signature thing and on record, he was the only one allowed to carry one during stints in CCP and in other formal occasions. You'll understand that part while watching the film. Sionil F. Jose says Nick Juaquin was always seen having a bottle or two with or without occasions but he knew what he was thinking about, or every detail he's saying eve if he was drunk. People noticed it made him somewhat better with words in that state.

Raymond Bagatsing says he feels honored to have been able to do this portrayal of Nick Juaquin. The chance to work with Sari Dalena was already a dream and with this character, he had to study quite a lot so he could stay inside Dahling Nick's persona.

Coming back from a 15 year hiatus is beauty queen Dindi Gallardo. She'll play the role of Madame Imelda Marcos whilst good looking lad Lance Raymundo will play husband Ferdinand Marcos. Lance says "I could see this film be a medium of information, to be seen in schools, film showings, international screenings. It was hard to do because you're there for information since it's got historical facts and not to impose your personal views." Dindi added "I was surprised to have received a call telling me I'd work with the good people behind the film, plus it's not just any role because it is Ms. Imelda Marcos. I had to do research, go to libraries and read off specifics about the former first lady. Asking why me, they told me they needed someone who could do grace under pressure because it's hard to do a character like that.

Nick Juaquin's own family encourages people from the film industry and academe to work with them so they too would know more of his work. I've personally read some of it during high school and college specifically May Day Eve (1947), The Woman Who had Two Navels (1961) and A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino (1966). You'll get to see bits of it on the movie Dahling Nick, his life and his work.

The film also stars Alessandra de Rossi, Nick Lisazo, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Bernardo Bernardo, Ronah Adiel Rostata, Bong Cabrera, Rica D. Abad, Paul Cedric Juan, Banaue Miclat Janssen, Che Ramos Cosio, Ping Medina, Adrian Cabido, John Agustin, Christian Del Mundo, Nitey Hernandez, JM Bernandino, Roli Inocencio, Karla Pambid, Karl Medina, Thea Yrastorza, Ross Persigan, Opaline Santos, Darwin Gordon de Roxas, Aba Lluch Dalena, Kris Lacaba, Nico Bagsic, Rica Abad, Nina Torralba, Kiko Matos, Ma. Isabel Lopez, Gabby Padilla, Hazel Faith Dela Cruz, Faye Alhambra, Johnny Regana and a lot more. This is produced by Ronald Arguelles.

Dahling Nick will be screened in Trinoma on November 11 at 9:40PM (Gala), in Glorietta Cinema 2:30PM and Megamall 7:30PM on November 12, 5:20PM in Resorts World Manila and 7PM Glorietta on November 14, 9:40PM Megamall on November 15, 2:45PM Megamall and 4:40PM Glorietta on November 16, 12:30PM Trinoma and 4:10PM Resorts World Manila on November 17. This is part of Cinema One Originals Festival 2015.  


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