Aljur Abrenica, Mark Herras and Janine Gutierrez for Dangwa

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Don't you just feel life is unfair when you see too many good looking people in one shot? I know, I've felt that a thousand times. This however happened during the Dangwa Blogcon a few days ago in Quezon City. I missed Aljur Abrenica on TV and he seem to be okay now, we all know that brouhaha that happened in the past. He's totally into his game now and doing this with Janine and Mark was a welcome thing. He's worked so hard and is continually doing so. The format of Dangwa is different, it's like there are several stories inside their own story. Rosa played by Janine Gutierrez is like a fallen angel/cupid that needs to stitch relationships together so she could go back to her true form. Mark and Aljur play Baste and Renz respectively and they're going to be Rosa's suitors in the show. Renz is a very cool and reserved guy, somewhat alta, so he's the one who gave intentions to court Rosa in the show. Baste on the other hand is the childhood best friend who didn't muster enough courage to court Rosa until he saw what Renz was doing, he felt jealous afterwards. 

Here's our interview with Mark Herras during the blogcon:

Mark Herras for Dangwa
Posted by Kumagcow on Saturday, November 21, 2015

I've always regarded Mark as one of the greatest artists produced by GMA. His affinity with the dancing has made him worthy to carry the title Ultimate Badboy of the Dance Floor, something that others won't be able to get years from now. He's also super nice, very humble and straightforward in answering questions. Aside from his sculptured physique, he's one heck of a good looking guy. He's also a proud father and says if ever he's going to have someone in his life, loving his kid too is non negotiable. He's actually still dating, hopeful that if he meets the one it'll be something that he'll cherish for the rest of his life. He deserves to be happy.

Meanwhile, Aljur and Janine suddenly arrived after our interview with Mark Herras, here's a video of our conversation with the Dangwa stars:

Aljur, Mark and Janine for Dangwa
Posted by Kumagcow on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aljur, Mark and Janine for Dangwa Part 2
Posted by Kumagcow on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Janine Gutierrez also admitted that she's looking forward to work with Elmo. We didn't know at that time that he was already in ABSCBN and didn't get to ask her about it. Apparently it was all a secret. Anyway, they're planning to have Alden and Maine be on the show sometime next year and the director says there's an effort for them to guest on the show. There will be more small stories in between the story of Baste, Renz and Rosa that you should watch out for. They hope you get to watch the episodes this month and when the year ends. It's going to be great, exciting, and surprising because you can only expect great guests on the show real soon.

Here's some shots we got from the blogcon last Saturday:

Oh by the way, if you've loved the theme for Dangwa and plan to sing that song, record it and share it on their page here to get featured on their social media accounts! Thank you so much to Janine, Aljur and Mark!


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