Alden Richards at SM City Fairview

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today is the last day of the Grand Fairview Sale of SM Fairview, the lovely mall that we went to last Friday. We were there because aside from the huge discounts they gave people, it was time to actually get them surprised by bringing in one of the most good looking actors this country has every produced, and half of that lovely AlDub loveteam that you love. Yes, it's Alden Richards and he's the surprise of SM Fairview to their shoppers. This also doubles as Alden's album mall tour since he's got Wish I May, the now platinum album from GMA Records. The album is also available in digital downloads on iTunes and it's already number 1 in the Philippine charts.

Alden Richards in SM Fairview by kumagcow

This is his way of giving back to the fans for supporting him all these years. When he was about to come up the stage, he stopped and prayed before he performed. If you didn't know, his fans lined up as early as 4am in the morning just so they could be the first 30 who would be able to meet and greet Alden on stage. They went wild of course. We were already in front but once Alden went up on stage, almost everyone rushed to the front and took videos as you can see on mine. After this event, I got several shorts and shoes (again) because some of the stuff were really cheap! It's only a few hours before it ends so if you have time please go to SM City Fairview today and make that Grand Fairview Sale experience a reality. Save a lot before the Christmas rush, hurry! 

Oh and just so you know, when we went out of the Cinema there were still a ton of people outside chanting "Ilabas si Alden, Ilabas si Alden" because they don't believe he already left the venue and they were pushing the barriers outside wildly. That's how they wanted him so bad. Anyway, I hope this video would at least get you there if you didn't get to catch the show. Now who loves Alden? Raise your right hand!

Thanks to the awesome people of SM Fairview for having us! It was an awesome day!


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