Double Eliminations Today on StartStruck!

Friday, November 27, 2015

It's already proven that this show has gotten GMA some of its brightest stars, and the successful reality series is on it's 6th installment. Honestly, I don't even know most of them yet aside from the few who have already done commercials. Arra, Ayra, Kea, Liezel, Avery, Elyson, Jay and Migo are the final 8 and today they're going to take out 2 more hopefuls so it's going to be a little tough for these guys and gals because their showbiz lives are on the line. When asked, they don't even think about it much because they're all doing their best. I can see the hunger, I can see the drive, I can see some of them doing this for their families, but mostly they're doing it to make their dreams come true, just like their predecessors. I asked them what they would do if that didn't happen and they seem to all have backup plans. It was nice to actually get to know them on a personal level as they tell their stories. I also got my favorites, but we won't put that here for obvious reasons. I like them, they're like a really good bunch of guys and gals who have real talent, even if some of them just learned about it during their show they're really doing a good job. 

 I can see why they chose them from thousands who auditioned around the country. Here's our interview plus a few song and dance numbers which happened just a few days ago:

STARSTRUCK Blogcon by kumagcow

Starstruck Season 6 is going to be shown on GMA at 5:50PM every weekdays. Make sure you follow them in the next few weeks because they're almost at the end of this season and we're about to know who's the Ultimate Survivor and become GMA's brightest stars!


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