Converse Releases Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics Series

Monday, November 02, 2015

I love Converse and they probably are in more or less 20% of my shoe population right now. They just game me more reason to increase that number when they announced the launch of the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics line this weekend. I'm a HUGE Batman fan and seeing what they have released on this day, I was already saying expletives in my head because I loved every bit of it. Check out our video!

DC COMICS x Converse Philippines by kumagcow

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Wonder Woman sneaker dons the artwork from the Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment Jim Lee. It's got the character's image on the tongue and sides of the shoe, the logo is also on the actual laces. The laces are also available in black and white so you can change the look depending on your mood. It's available in US 5-8 size, and is very limited.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Superman sneaker on the other hand has artwork by Kenneth Rockfort. You've got Superman on the sides and at the tongue of the shoe. Also, the red and yellow shield with an S on front is prominent. If you're a major superman fan though, I suggest you get the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Justice League too. The design is created by Andy Kubert. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Justice League sneaker has got your favorite DC Comics Super Heroes on both sides of the sneaker including Flash et al. It also has black and white laces so you can jazz it up when you see the need to. 

My personal favorite though (which I don't have yet) is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Batman sneaker which shows the caped crusader flying towards the screen on both sides of the shoe. I also like the semi opaque Converse logo that doesn't bother the whole look of the show so if there's something I'd like to buy, it would be just that! The Superman, Justice League and Batman is in sizes US 7-11,

Check them out at all Converse branches nationwide! It costs Php 3,510 a pair. Get it before it runs out!

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