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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Having been able to see some of the people who work behind Buzz Productions, I couldn't see why a young group of professional digital executives wouldn't be able to succeed in this industry. To tell you honestly. I don't see why brands are not working in this channel when the market actually calls for it. Jump Digital (a digital marketing agency) threw in some of their best people and put up Buzz Productions. It's a full range digital production agency that caters to product activation, content creation, video production, branding, events and in house talent management. They believe content is king and in this age of having everything online, they've proven how effective they are in their own backyard. If you're not aware, they've launched different channels you've probably already seen on Facebook.

Viral videos that are locally made, you see the potential? Now mix that with your brand and make it fun with their artists, you see where they're getting at? Exactly, this thing has huge potential and they've already had several viral posts on Facebook including brands that they've helped to reach the tech savvy millenials, a feat that others are still trying to do. Aside from that, they're not really hard sell and if that is something you would want to happen with your company, I think it would be wise to talk to these people. These different channels, talk about entertainment, short films, your home, music and indie artists, cooking and food, plus serious news. That's Buzz Productions in one roof. 

Here's an excerpt of the press conference held in Pasig City:

Buzz Productions Launch by kumagcow

Here are some shots of the artists they currently manage. Notice they are banking on really good comedians and online personalities since they're concentrating on happy content on most of their channels. Youtube Superstar and goddess Bekimon, the ultra electro magnetic funny Chokoleit, the super crazy on stage Iyah Mina, VJ Mendoza and former GForce member Jan Noval. I hope they have a series of webisodes with these talented artists, that'll surely be a hit no?

 Anyway, I hope this is the start of something big both on the production stand point and with the talents that they have on their roster. I wonder if they could sign me in to, although they'd probably close shop because I'm not funny LOL! Cheers! Here's to a big decade Buzz Productions!


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