Angel Locsin Shocks La Luna Sangre Viewers Worldwide

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Did you see the episode last night? How can you not be when Angel Locsin suddenly appeared in La Luna Sangre. 

"From the start, we knew that Angel was going back to La Luna Sangre. We just had to surprise everyone. We just don't know if John Lloyd's appearance will happen too. She is not a guest but a main character of the show. They are in the story, this is a KathNiel project but each individual character has their own the story. Darating at darating yan at di maiiiwasan sa La Luna Sangre. There are a lot of theories and this is something that people should be excited for. She will be here until she is still needed, and thank you to KathNiel and all the supporters of the show for making this great, anything can happen because this is a fantaserye." - Henry Kingkitain, head Creative Director for Star Creatives. 

Angel Locsin says "I am very proud to have been able to guest here, I was needed in the story and I'm very happy to support a new breed of stars in this series. I am very excited because I don't know what is going to happen with the Jacintha character and there are still a lot of things to happen in this Fantaserye. They told me to get ready because there will be fight scenes. It was explained to me, what my connection is to Richard. I am so happy to be with someone that I am comfortable with, Richard matured and is passionate and it doubled now. They call him baby boy because they really want to take care of him.  Jacintha is full of mysteries, she was able to make a President win in Indonesia so she will be helping Chard win the presidency in the Philippines too. She is human, she speaks her mind, it's good to be back working with Chard and it was easier to do this because we know each other. I haven't worked with him yet in our movie (with Angelica Panganiban) and who knows we might get into a scene again like the previous shows. She's a very gray character and it will be tiring to switch, I'll show a different person so the audience could appreciate it. Marian and I have no rifts and we both want to entertain people. There was a huge debate on the name from Lotlot, Marikit, but a few of the execs saw how Jacintha was effective to pronounce."

"I also am a lot better now because I know how to sit properly, and it's been a while since I felt pain (in her back). I am more relaxed now, not too pressured because I have been with the crew for a few years and they took care of me. I am willing to do all the things needed for the show. I told Kathryn about it and it was a huge secret, and she replied with really great words and tons of emoticons so I guess she's very happy about it. For all the people who watched, thank you so much for making it trend last night. I hope you see how we're going to make this an even greater story!" she adds.

She will be one of the main characters and surely this will be an interesting twist of events. You'll love Angel Locsin all over again, like I do so stay tuned!

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