The Excitement Continues: Whisky Live Manila 2017

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

It's been a good year for whisky this year, as I've felt it being invited to many brands of it this year. Filipinos have been starting to appreciate this even more because we're getting to know how to actually use it with other things than just on the rocks (oh yes even on cocktail). For purists like me, I find how it is made very interesting. We often don't know how the alcohol was made, what proof, how the ageing process in wooden casks actually take and what goes in it. It also depends on the distillation process, filtering, and tons of other stuff that we are all still trying to understand, but I'm glad they're doing this expo in Manila this October 20 and 21 at the Shangri-la Hotel in Fort Bonifacio, Global City. I was invited to this occasion last year but didn't go because I was so tired from doing events the whole day, and didn't want to get drunk for the next day LOL.

Mind you, this probably would be the biggest outing of over 100 whisky variants, making local connoisseurs have a field day of their own. This is hosted by Grand Cru Wines and Spirits Inc. This will also include the award winning whisky called Kavalan from Taiwan, plus tons of tasting, cocktail competitions, appreciation classes, plus rare bottles... so you better get those livers ready! I'm volunteering my services for the tasting part, you should too! If you want to join, visit now!

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