No Sugar Added, Low Calorie TRUE TEA Iced Tea

Monday, September 25, 2017

I am so fond of sweets and didn't know until I had a check up that I already have heightened sugar levels according to my doctor. Living with diabetic parents, I was pretty sure I'd be getting it too so I tried to follow my doctor's advice to cut down on almost everything with carbs, starch and sugar. 

I also got a bit addicted drinking powdered fruit juice drinks not just because they have cute and fancy commercials, but was just so good because they taste like real fruit and it indicated they also had it in them. I was a bit blinded about how these drinks actually contain a LOT of sugar, I even had withdrawal symptoms because on a normal day I barely drink water thinking all I did was healthy. So after all that and my Doctor's advise, I stopped cold turkey and did not drink a single drop of powdered juice, iced tea, or soft drink (well sometimes if I get discouraged Coke Zero it is). I took my coffee black often, didn't take Equal, then I heard about Stevia. This plant (photo above taken in a farm near Manila) sounded like a gift from nature, it is a naturally occurring, zero calorie sweetener. They've had it now mixed in food products, including cakes, pastries, even drinks. So imagine my surprise when a friend suggested True Tea Iced Tea.


So I thought it was going to be one of those drinks that tasted like chalk (oh yes I've tried them all), but really, TRUE TEA tasted like the actual iced tea we love. I then introduced it to my Mom, my Dad, then my sister helped herself, so that one box that I had was gone in one day. If that doesn't look like they liked it, I don't know what will. I have a huge mug at home which I fill with ice and water, even if it's a little more diluted I could still taste the tea on it because they use real black tea leaves which was a relief for me. Now I can have my usual fix of iced tea without the guilt because this has no added sugar and is low calorie. Perfect for my diet now, oh yes I am doing that.

True Tea Iced Tea is available online through Lazada, leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Hope this makes your iced tea dreams come true even if you're cutting down on sugar. I'm still enjoying it, it's got Vitamin C too. So cheers!


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