St. Peter Celebrates Death Care Week and Partnership with Breakout Philippines

Friday, September 29, 2017

St. Peter Death care week was launched 11 years ago and it coincides with St. Peter Life Plan's anniversary which is celebrated every October 27. This year, they are partnering with Breakout Philippines from October 1 to November 6. There will be several rooms in Breakout Philippines branches that will be themed together with St. Peter Life Plans. Aside from that, they will also have trick or treat activities in their head office, plus nationwide pink tricycles that would provide FREE transportation from October 30 to November 2 in selected memorial parks, communities to serve as a treat for people who are visiting their loved ones. They will also have displays in major malls to get to their audience, they deem the Filipino public deserve better services and they know they can provide that. During Halloween season, they will have displays and activations happening in Trinoma, SM Megamall and Glorietta and the theme would include some similarities to Anabelle the movie. You can purchase life and death care plans for you and your loved ones right at the venue too so if you don't have one yet, now is the right time to do it. They'll be increasing premium in the next few months so they advise everyone to get one before it happens, especially if you want to be prepared and not want to bother your loved ones when the time comes. You know that happens.

The lowest package they have is Php 625, which is very affordable by any standards. I've witnessed how my family became very stress free because their people took care of things especially when we were at our very stressful moments. I think they ought to be lauded of the exemplary things they've done all these years. This partnership they have with BREAKOUT PHILIPPINES will get people to experience some of their themed escape rooms mixed in with St. Peter elements especially for their employees, Sales Agents and plan holders. You can take off Php 100 off the actual price you pay from October 1 to November 6 in these selected rooms. These will be Boogeyman and Sleep No More at SM North Edsa, the Corpse Bride at Greenbelt 5, the Clownhouse at Katipunan, and Hide and Seek at Paragon Plaza. 

During their first blog conference, we got to talk to Dr. Mildred Vitangcol, St. Peter Life Plans Chairman. She says "We want a lighter approach, because people think of death as sad and morbid topic to talk about. It's not standard for chapels but there are requests that we do entertain. We don't want it to be gloomy and make it feel like a lighter event. We went through discussions, we interviewed them and a lot agreed on pink. Death care week is our way of celebrating our anniversary, and since it's timed with all saints day, we made it our CSR effort to help more people in return.

"We want them to know it's not gonna be a heavy feeling, or heavy on the pocket and tell them to get and plan ahead. People were shocked initially, but now they sometimes look forward to see the pink casket. We want our customers to understand our products, so we don't have to hardsell because we build on relationships and trust on our people."

She adds "We have intelligent buyers and professionals understand this when something happens to their family, they are prepared, and not be bothered by it when the time comes. They should know it is something they should put as a priority. When we introduced our programs in the early 2000's, our company has stayed number 1 even if the pre-need industry isn't good. We also have served that viral old man who begged for money just so he can pay for his death benefits. We contributed from our own pockets and paid for it in full. Aside from that, we are also helping a lot of people in Marawi, as part of our CSR efforts, we give them their needs because we are not just in this business for money, we go deeper than that, because we ultimately want to serve these families."

When I asked about how they still make their business successful she said "The secret is DISCIPLINE, you really have to save up for the business because they have strict policies about it especially in our trust funds. It's heavily regulated, and we abide by that. We also have ethics, and that got is where we are today. Our priority are our plan holders but we still accomodate if they need our services."

It actually feels so nice that a private corporation would go the mile and do this for the community. They dedicate time, money, effort to go over and beyond the services that they provide because they know it's the right thing to do. I'm not surprised people are actually waiting for their events during these days of reflecting, prayer and solemnity. They don't forget to also give their plan holders and the general public a hand, then entertain them too.

Congratulations to everyone behind St. Peter Life Plans.  Cheers to more partnerships in the future!

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