Roadster Roasters Opens at Launchpad

Sunday, September 10, 2017

This is officially my second time going to Launchpad. It's that tall building that houses different startups and TV5 in Reliance street, Mandaluyong. Judging from the tenants, this looks like a mixed use space. The restaurants and kiosks in this area are starting to open and with the location quite near the Shaw-Pasig Kapitolyo district, I feel they must put up a great challenge to woo people from this side of town to stay there. The choices are humongous, but this one would surely interest you more if you're cup of tea (or the lack thereof literally) is meat, glorious meat. I guess this is their calling, to serve via Roadster Roasters things that are FUELED BY MEAT. How can you not love something like that?

The Interiors

The inside was a mix of raw concrete walls, some faux wooden posts, bricks, a little western modern barn and street club. With that mouthful of elements, I thought it wouldn't work but it's actually cozy.

The place can seat about 50-60 people half of which are the ones outside. The bunk seats are actually comfortable, good for groups and families.

Yes darling, it's all fueled by meat. They do make good barbecues which we'll show later, so this sign in a nutshell makes total sense.
You've got a little privacy in these seats, the others are all open and acoustics are all out there so you're going to hear the next table if they don't have music playing. They will most of the time.
The theme matched much of a trucking joint in the US, where travelers on the road take a break and have all the protein goodness they deserve before or after a long drive. It was a bit warm inside the restaurant that evening, but probably just because of the amount of people who wanted to have their share of meat.

The Food

The owners (4 guys) were pretty fond of having their protein fix after working out. I get what they are trying to get here, to have those favorite protein dishes in one place. Their dishes channeled a little southern, that good, intense smoky flavor. Their roasted meat spend around 12 hours in the smoker/oven much until each piece falls off the bone (for the ribs), and soft until it's just fork tender. I didn't get any piece that was over seasoned and I think they kept it that way so people would have a hand in what to mix or prepare with the meats.  Their menu is still expanding, to fit what meat lovers would adore they probably need to have it that way. They're raring to even experiment a little in their kitchens and come out with new items every now and then. That's good news for those usually get tired and bored on menus, especially if you are regulars. People would appreciate that.

This is like church, but most of the things in the spotlight includes all the essential beers, drinks and desserts.

They serve cocktails and craft beers, so if you're looking for local or international brewers, they have these bottles on the menu.

Try not to be scared because these are called Mozza Bombs. It's meatballs with mozzarella inside. It's a little tangy because of the tomato sauce, doused with parmesan cheese outside. Make sure you eat this while it's hot so you could see that cheese ooze out of this appetizer, a great way to start a meal. Pretty good for kids too!

If you would like to pair something with the beers, take a look at this Roadster Nachos. Crunchy corn nachose with cheese sauce, strips of pulled pork, and a little salsa. Again, this would be a good beer match. Order this for yourself and your kids too.
One of my favorite things that evening was the Pork Rind. Crunchy and freshly cooked, a little backfat doesn't hurt anyone right? Again, I advise you to have this while it's hot. It won't be as good if you leave it out in the air for a few minutes, but that's just me.

For a more healthy alternative, have this Butter Roasted Chicken. It tastes good as it's smothered by roasted garlic, spices, and roasted well in the oven. The gravy was not too salty, a good thing to have on it's own or with rice. I prefer it as is because you'll enjoy every mouthwatering part of the chicken with your family and friends without worrying if it's too spicy or not. It's just simple, perfectly roasted poultry. Doesn't cost much either.

If you are fond of spicy stuff, then get the Roadster Sriracha Chicken Wings. Dip in sour cream, ughh... you'll love it!

People suddenly got out of their seats to see the Chef  cut the slab of meat, the Texas Style Beef Brisket. Still moist, smoky, so good with gravy. You don't even have to have rice with it because this is a full meal. Fills you up in no time at all. This is one of their specialties. I'll let you see it sliced nicely on a platter with home made coleslaw and sausages.

If your goal is to gain weight and feed your muscles, this would be a good place to start! They also have Roadster Pork Ribs, and Roadster Pork Belly. I don't know about you but this just made my day!
Oh don't even think of leaving the table yet, because as far as I know one of these three desserts would actually tickle your fancy. Just choose between Hazelnut Nutella, Cookies and Cream, and Mango Caramel. Let's just say everybody freaked out when this landed on our table. With good reason right?

So if you're raring to have something comforting, meaty and good, take a trip to LAUNCHPAD off Reliance corner Sheridan streets in Mandaluyong City. Roadster Roasters is the first restaurant on the leftmost part of the building, you won't miss it. Tons of celebrities, bloggers enjoyed the night of food and drinks, I guess it's time for you to experience the same things we did.

Let's go get those chompers working double time.

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