Your Coffee Habit Is About to Change: Try MASKAPE

Saturday, September 02, 2017

As a coffee drinking country, we've been more attuned to what's available. Some of which are just things that our parents got used to, or consume because of name recall, or things that are imported, thinking they are superior because they're well advertised using different famous personalities. There's nothing wrong with that, but I think there's good ones out there that doesn't have to cost that much. I couldn't put my finger on why they sometimes have to be priced high for instant coffees. I'm glad they're opening up the market for local companies and this one's nice. Have you heard of Maskape?

It's a new instant coffee brand from Mighty And Strong Foods Corporation, so this is manufactured locally. They use imported robusta beans, ground them up and get them blended with the right amount of sugar and cream to fit the taste of Filipino coffee drinkers. I like the fact that they have different variants to fit the different moods I had all week and yes, I like what I had even for less. I saved me a bit of money because it kept me from going out of coffee shops that serve good coffee for a hefty price. Yes you pay for the ambiance and all, but for practicality this is a good thing especially when it's raining like cats and dogs outside!

The Brown and Creamy variant had that light caramel taste you get when using brown sugar in coffee. This is what I'd like to have during breakfast, even just with bread alone. I am like most of you, I dip it into the hot coffee and eat it like a treat. This is pretty good but only costs Php 5 would you believe? 

For a little more strong caffeine kick, try the Maskape Strong and Rich variety. This would help those who need a little boost during long meetings, to at least keep you awake while everyone else is reporting. I know some who sleep when other people talk too much so I'm suggesting this to him!

Mom and Dad likes this White and Creamy one. I guess they want a more roasted smell and something that's extra creamy. I was already getting a bit nervous from tasting it all in one breakfast so I skipped this on this day and tried it the next day haha.. I guess that's how addicted I am to coffee.

For those who want it a little less creamy, the Maskape Original would be best. I think this is closer to the taste of that popular brand. I think it would be nice if you try this out in lieu of that because this costs less without disappointing you on flavor and aroma.

For purists like me, sometimes I don't want a lot of things in my coffee. For a more local flair, they've got this Maskape Barako Gold variety. Sure to wake you up in the morning and keep you awake during those crucial times, this has less sugar and no cream content. Perfect for those who want to keep it simple in the morning or night.

Now here's a brand that can get you all the coffee you need without breaking the bank. If you plan to stay at home and just make a cup or two while at work, try Maskape for a change because honestly, it doesn't need to be super expensive. Right?


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