Gloomy Weather: Try MAS Soup Sarap Instant Soup

Monday, September 11, 2017

You've been lazy, you've been doing nothing since this morning because it's so gloomy outside and it's about to rain. I know how that feels because today is EXACTLY like that weather. Now what to actually prepare if YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T COOK. Well, might I suggest a cup of hot, steamy soup? You don't even have to chop things, you don't have to go to the market, you just take out a sachet or two of these lovely MAS Soup Sarap Instant Soup and boil some water. Put the powder in your cup and pour the boiling hot water in it, stir and enjoy!

That's just the start. Now do you have those days when you don't have anything prepared for lunch and dinner, just FRIED things? I don't mind fried chicken, fried fish, fried anything, but we often get gagged with it and rice because most of our dishes are dry. You're perfect solution is soup and with the ones out there in the market, it's going to be pretty expensive sometimes, but this one is affordable and you could get one packet for one person. Put it in a bowl and stir with boiling water, et voila! You've got the perfect thing to start the meal, you've got something to accompany it too because you could put it on white rice and enjoy lunch or dinner even more!

Mom's favorite is the MAS Soup Sarap Instant Soup Seafood Flavor. She loves the bits of shrimp and mushrooms that are in it. It definitely is rich and creamy, but without losing that fresh seafood flavor. I would compare it to that popular brand of noodle, but thicker and less the price. Now why didn't people thought (ghetto) about this? 

My personal favorite is the Mas Soup Sarap Instant Soup Chicken and Corn Flavor. I often cook this manually and get grated corn with chicken or crab and that takes me an hour to finish. This one could very well replace that whole process. Now there may be a little aftertaste but make sure you mix it well so you don't have lumps on you soup. Don't also just go for warm water, make sure it's boiling hot so the powder completely dissolves in it. This Chicken and Corn soup is comforting, I could imagine myself sitting beside the window while it's raining outside and I could just curl up with a book or write a novel or two.

Your whole family would love something like this. It doesn't come in a can, it's not expensive either. It's creamy, earthy and has got mushroom bits on it. You can mix it with white rice and have it as a viand without any worries. I like it. It's super good!

Now don't take my word for it. Go to your nearest groceries, leading supermarkets and convenience stores to get your hands on these lovely MAS Soup Sarap Instant Soup varieties. Now those gloomy or rainy afternoons won't feel bad at all because you have this to look forward to. Make it a hot habit and mix it with veggies, pasta, and you could actually still enjoy this. Now wait a minute, did you know this only costs Php 8.00? UNBELIEVABLE! Now head on to to get to know more about this and their other products. I've enjoyed their coffee too!


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