A Romantic Trip: Where to Go Together

Monday, September 11, 2017

Photo from Paris sourced here and not mine.

Do you plan a trip for two but you run out of ideas? Our list of vacation destinations for couples will make your heart beat even faster.

1. Greece
Greece is one of the top destinations in Europe for couples. It's no secret that Greece is much more similar to the abode of the Gods than other places. You will spend a truly unforgettable vacation in this beautiful corner of the world. And you will not be prevented from enjoying each other's company on the sea coast.
Here you can forget about the stiffness of ordinary hotel rooms. You will be offered cozy houses, united by a labyrinth of stairs, and unique dishes of national Greek cuisine. Numerous excursions to interesting places in Greece will dive you into the amazing atmosphere of this country. We are sure you will like it here!

2. Argentina
Argentina is known for football and the famous tango. However, you can not only kick the ball and dance in this country. All the charm of Argentina is in its unique location. Here subtropical forests, mountains, and the sea. Unique nature of Latin American strikes at the heart. Every vacationer will find entertainment to own taste in the bosom of this beautiful nature. Your romantic journey will be full of adventures and unforgettable emotions.

3. Ibiza
The word “Ibiza” is associated with endless parties and irrepressible fun. So, this is right because Ibiza is among fun destinations for couples. Parties don’t stop day and night on this amazing island in Spain. Hundreds of restaurants and boutiques beckon in the morning. And in the dark time, there are parties and dancing people everywhere. In addition, there is a great opportunity to soak up the sun and swim in the waters of the Mediterranean. If you are energetic and young, then you have a direct road to this island of eternal fun!

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4. France
There are some places in which even a stiff skeptic begins to read poetry and talk about eternal love because they are the best holiday destinations in the world for couples. France is one of the most romantic places on the planet. All its cafes and streets are created for making a declaration of love. Walk around Montmartre, go to antique shops, take photos on the background of the Eiffel Tower, feed each other with croissants. In a word, do all the same things that thousands of couples in love in the capital of France do.

5. England
In order to feel Royal spirit, you should go in England because the country is just full of hotels-castles. The atmosphere of antiquity, mystery and luxury, colorful music in restaurants, fine wines, wondrous parks and garden labyrinths and, of course, traditional English ghosts — such a holiday together will become a real fairy tale.

6. Czech Republic
Another popular destination for romantic tours is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where couples often come and on a honeymoon. Their favorite place is the Charles Bridge, where often interesting events take place. Here you can meet lovers at dawn when they confess love to each other, and there is a delightful panorama around the castles and city houses.

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7. Germany
Medieval castles and palaces, many parks, ancient churches, a unique Bavarian charm — this is Munich where you can arrange a great holiday together. This city is one of the most popular vacation destinations for couples. During a trip to Munich, it is worth taking a stroll along the island of Prater. There you will find a bridge that is built along a river from which a picturesque view of the island with a park and the Museum of the Alps opens.

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