Sandara Park, Thunder, Grace Lee, Sam YG Stars On One Night Food TripInternational Edition on tvN Asia

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I heard about tvN a couple days ago through the event of iFlix which gave me the idea that this Korean TV corporation isn't playing around as they've got serious TV and series titles on their belt to release Asia wide. Tonight, we had a glimpse of their upcoming original production of One Night Food Trip International Edition which partakes Korean stars and mix them with local ones in different countries to do three things, EAT, PLAY and COMPETE!

Now that might look so easy to do but believe me there willbe trials in between that they need to do in order to win. It will involve mostly local food (in whatever country they are in), culture (as they will deal with people), attractions (to find the best spots in each country) and everything local! When they accomplish each mission, they'll get a chop on their ONE NIGHT FOOD TRIP PASSPORT. Whoever gets the most chops will get the GOLDEN PASSPORT exclusive for the big winner. 

You'll see different stars in different countries like Jung Jun-young, Cho Sae-ho, Hsu Chia-yang and Waa Wei for Taiwan, Nakjoon Park, Eric Nam and He Ying-ying for Singapore, Hong Suk-chun, Cho Sae-ho and Lee Ki-chan for Malaysia, Sandara Park, Thunder, Grace Lee and Sam YG for the Philippines. 

"The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places in the world, we have unique flavors and you will be surprised how interesting our food will be. It was educational for me and would be a good thing to see on TVN. Sam is so funny, you can't really eat because his humor is very on point, can't really laugh when your mouth is full. My memory of meeting Davaoenos was just so good, they were all so nice!" -Grace Lee

"Grace always wanted to travel with me, but I didn't have load. Now we have a reason to travel, not just a company thing, this is both work and pleasure to showcase how nice the country is, to find the spots and show it to the world. Durian was my wild enemy, I don't know how to eat it but Grace could eat it all! I had nightmares after that. What made it memorable is jumping from one place to another. Shoutout to kimchi and curry team, it was all worthwhile." -Sam YG

"I was taller before, I used to carry him when we were younger, now he's taller than me. We got to see Manila and Palawan in a different light because it's Thunder's first time there. We had to strategize because we didn't eat too much, had to dance several times just to get stamps. When we went to the crocodile farm, we had to eat Crocodile sisig, and I couldn't it was just not the time!" - Sandara Park

"I didn't travel when I was in the Philippines and this was a nice opportunity to connect with my sister and see the other places I wasn't able to go to when I studied here. Our stomach also had limited space so we had to also play just to see who would have to finish the plate. It was also hard to eat the local tamilok, but we couldn't do that." -Thunder

One Night Food Trip International Edition will premier on October 10 and every Tuesday thereafter. The Philippine feature will happen on December 5 at 11pm. Follow their social media accounts @ch.tvnasia on FB, on IG and @tvN_Asia on Twitter. Go watch them on Cignal and Skycable as they're available there too! 

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