James Reid Endorses Fujifilm

Friday, August 26, 2016

Takuya Maeda of Fujifilm quips "Since we started our business here, together with our X Photographers we have been successful in penetrating our market because we're not just after sales, we're about making great cameras. Thanks to our influencers, our customer service centers, we have been successful in satisfying the Filipino customers even though the market is in a slump. We are increasing sales and we provide ways and reasons how to make customers enjoy our cameras. We can't think of any other endorser who would appeal to our market more than James Reid, he is sophisticated, good looking and he's got what we say that knack for photography."

It feels great to endorse a product that I use everyday! I only discovered it end of last year, pretty recent, I used different cameras before but it's the style I sticked to. I used the XT2, my favorite. It shoots in 4K video and I use it on the teleserye, very helpful. I have a lot of good memories in this canera, and BTS? They're coming. I guess I just pick the best ones and post it on Instagram, I'm a fan of apps but it's so much better to have it physically on hand that you can give the people. I love architecture, the places I go to give that, I take landscapes, my girlfriend (the crowd kinikig). I'll have an announcement post soon. You'll see it on my Instagram account too. 

I take photos of her when she sleeps, we travel a lot so she's my favorite subject. I have yet to experience taking photos of other people, I haven't though about it yet what to put in an exhibit. I don't know what line I'm interested. I think I'm a good photographer, they say I have a knack or eye for photography.

The project I'm in (showing on August 29) tackles LGBT relationships, I'm glad that ABSCBN trusted me with daring projects like that. I love Santorini and Mykonos, it's impossible to take a bad photo there. The most beautiful photo I've taken of Nadine is the one in Lake Tahoe. I like the XT2 and the videos and photos are used as part of the show. The design is me. Nadine got me into photography, she takes a lot of photos of me and I do too with her since she is my favorite subject. 90% of the scenes in my new show has this in my shoulder. I'm used to it, it's part of the job, it's been a long time and we're used to it. 

Congratulations James on being the newest face of Fujifilm! 

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