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Thursday, August 18, 2016

I have been reading for years now and I've always felt so blessed to have known Ms. C (Cecile Van Straten) personally as I've met her through events and media junkets. She's no ordinary woman, exceptional in fact. What I like most about her is how she was able to turn her brand into a reputable one, authentic and still chic, lovely and endearing at times especially when she talks about her travels, kids and good looking husband. I even adore her love story and how it happened, you could tell I'm a big fan.

Just last week, I received news and invitation about this partnership between Chuvaness and National Bookstore. I've seen this done with greats such as Rajo Laurel and Ms. Daphne Osena Paez a couple of years back. They've come up with a really great line and I knew this one was going to good as I've seen pretty much her aesthetic. Just like her style, she's very original, she has this Japanese vibe going on and I love that a lot. She's been traveling a lot, takes tips and her shopping finds seriously, and if you're a lifestyle blogger in the Philippines and don't know her, you can't sit with me haha!

She took out the design and graphic process meticulously. As the National Bookstore executives tell it, she did the fine details of this collection without a hitch. It's like she's been waiting for this to happen for a long time and when the opportunity came, she was ready as Usain Bolt and ran so easy.

I went to the event alone but found blogger friends in the crowd. Ana Gonzales of was shopping already, she took pretty much every piece that they had in the collection because just like me, she was a big fan. Albeit a little shy with Ms. C, she was excited as I am going to the pop up store in the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Let's just say she had a GREAT time with these models haha!

What caught my eye were these cute purses hanging on the rack. I bet this would be good for girl friends who would want their bags to be organized. We shun people who still have barya on their expensive bags you know LOL.

This is one of their utility bags. It would be good for make up kits, or just about anything that you would want to still keep chica when you take this out of your bag. You can see how personal this has gotten just by looking at the clothes drawn on it. Ms. C pretty much has that aesthetic. You could see why I love her!

She's got this cute tote bag too, which I bet will look good on you when you wear skirts or pretty girly stuff on a sunny day.

Here's that round clutch that was so cute, it's pretty big and can be good for those times where you carry a LOT of small things and you don't wanna carry around a huge bag. This is part of the 15 items she's designed for the collection.

The Tote bag comes in this regular size too, style should never be sacrificed with function.

I totally bought this one and the lovely gift wrappers and stickers. The Travel Pouch is pretty much my way to still keep organized when traveling. It's not too big, nor too small, can fit pretty much some folded papers, your passport hell even your small cameras, but I'd just have this used for travel documents as I don't want to be cluttered inside my bag, so it'll be just for that.

Anna hoarded a lot including this pouch. She didn't hold back haha. It's like a huge envelope if you want something that would fit documents you don't want to fold. She's got everything covered.

Ahh these super cute stickers was just out of this world! From scrapbooks to Balik Bayan Boxes, it would be extra cute and chic with these on them!

The notebooks was just made of quality material. Ms. C doesn't want anything that looks cheap (of course) and I think you could see things like these in Japanese stores. If you're planning, writing notes, this would be good if you want to keep it for a long time.

The Memo Pads were beautiful. I could see you writing thank you letters and cute little reminders with this whilst leaving on the table.

For TO DO lists, this notepad is just cut perfectly. Shopping, groceries or reminders is just a scribble away.

Don't you just hate it when you need to put your shoes inside your luggage? You never have to use plastics from department stores anymore because these canvass bags can fit the bill. There's a little reminder on the front too, I'd take that advice anytime!

There's a lot more in the Pop Up Store and they're going to be there the whole week. You should definitely drop by SM Megamall's Fashion Hall if you have time. You can't buy the models though, they don't come with the pretty stuff from Ms. C's collection hehe!

Oh and thank you so much to @ev.yu for taking up the challenge of drawing my portrait. I think she had a hard time doing it because I wasn't looking haha.
It was nice to see that chubby and curly haired person immortalized on paper. Haha! Okay I will get thinner soon!
Ms. C, National Bookstore executives and the artist.
Anyway, you have to go to SM Megamall's Fashion Hall NOW to get a glimpse and buy these off the shelves! Make sure you take your girlfriends along so you can bond over travel and organizing essentials by Chuvaness and National Bookstore. It will be available on all National Bookstore branches very soon! Thank you so much Ms. C for extending me an invite! It was so nice seeing you and congratulations!


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