Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps Now in Manila

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Davao has been genuinely a great place to do vacations, I've been there quite a number of times now. I think it's the charm of being laid back, the charming people, the fun places to go to and FOOD that makes every visit worthwhile. Although there are tons of Manila based restaurants opening down south, I haven't really seen brands from the south opening stores here in Metro Manila. Until today that is.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps just opened shop at the 5th Floor of SM North Edsa's The Block and they've brought along a throng of the finest seafood catch, much like how they make it in Davao and into one of the biggest malls in the world to start their journey in Manila. This is the first franchise and the owners made it a point that all the crew and Chefs would be trained and exposed in Davao so they could replicate the experience of how it is in their original branch. They opened the first two in Davao's JP Laurel Branch and Lanang Business Park district, but felt Manilenos could really get some seafood love if this happened. Now they're making your dreams come true with a few food offerings that will surely make your mouth water, even if you're just looking at it.

First things first, you need to be armed by Spoons, Forks, the Crab shell cracker, the Mallet, and your own Boiling Crabs and Shrips official Bib so you don't really get messy... because this will be messy!

I had this drink first. It's either Four Seasons or Guava. Tasted like it. They have a couple more choices at the center of the restaurant which comes with the meal. Yes it's unlimited, and you can choose other flavors if you want to. That's really awesome, you can have them all in one visit LOL

For starters, this is their Calamares. It tasted fresh, it was crunchy, it was soft, and not overcooked. They also sprinkled something on top that made it a little spicy. Either Paprika or barbecue powder, pretty good!

I think this is their Crab Sticks. It wasn't much a hit on our table, but I felt it was okay. This would be good for kids who are fond of fried food, it'll feel like Chicken Fingers but it's got Crab instead.

For fish lovers, they've got Crispy Garlic Tuna Belly. I'm telling you, this is a garlic lover's dream! Those bits of golden brown garlic on top was just heavenly! It was a little oily, but the good type. This is probably rich in Omega 3, so it's good for your heart.

Meet my Kryptonite. Yes, you're looking at their piece de resistance, the lovely food that made them famous, the CRABS!

And by golly, the CRABS were so good that even if I had allergies I was still tempted to taste them all! They all laid on our table the Original Cajun Boiled Bag, the new Sambal Chili Crabs and my personal favorite the Crispy Garlic Crabs.

The Original Boiled Cajun Bag Crabs was heavenly, lightly seasoned, cooked in it's own life juices. It was sweet, flavorful, and you can even put the sauce on top of your hot steamed rice.

The Sambal Chili Crab was stuff for legends. The hot chili really complemented the crab flavor. It made the sauce thick, plus it was really good with the corn they mixed in the bag. It was like smoky, spicy, hot and really good with a cup of rice, unless of course you would have seconds, thirds or 4 more. I wouldn't be surprised. It is good, you'll forget your name a couple of times. You'll be prim and proper when you arrive, then find yourself in a total mess eating with your bare hands. Don't worry though as they have gloves for that. Don't forget the Crispy Garlic Crab too, my personal favorite. You could imagine, you would want to eat the whole crab (if it wasn't for the hard shell) plus the tons of garlic and light batter they used to cook this in. Honestly, the best Crab I've had in years.

For spice lovers, if you want to have that deep creole cooking done to a T, you've got that represented with their Gumbo. It's spicy, has that rich, deep and smoky flavor all mixed into one delectable soup that's super good to have while it's hot. It's like Aunt Jemima finally made this in Manila. Pretty authentic in my books, and it's made fresh everyday I think, must have been a chore to do for hours. I'd like to have a whole pot for my birthday!

For a more Davao feel, they also brought in Sinuglaw. A dish made of grilled Pork pieces, fresh Tuna, herbs and spices. It was good especially if you have it with beer. People settled with rice as beer probably ain't available in stores inside the mall.

This one wreaks of lemon grass and char grilled flavor. This is their Grilled Native Chicken, said to be the favorite of our current President Rodrigo Duterte. It was actually good, not that pretty to look at but if you ask the locals, they wouldn't trade this for the world. Best eaten when hot!
This I guess is just the tip of the iceberg. We still have a LOT of things to discover about this really good restaurant from Davao and why they have gambled to open a branch in Manila. For Davaoenos who miss home, this would probably be the best thing next to Mom's cooking. For Manileno's, this is just the start. There are hundreds of food establishments in the country that are waiting to be discovered. Soon, it's going to be easy to have them all because they'll probably be putting up branches like these around the country. This was a dream, look at them now! That just means it's not impossible, we just need more people to believe that the Filipino cuisine is ready for the local market... soon even the world!

Congratulations Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps! Can't wait to go back there soon!


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