Get "The Secret Life of Pets" in Every McDonalds Happy Meal!

Friday, August 26, 2016

It looks like McDonalds is taking news of pets that seem to have some sort of secret lives very seriously. Word has it that Max seem to have not only been that little cute terrier we thought he was. He must have turned into a threat when his human owner adopts bad boy Duke. Just outside their home, they saw a group of not so ordinary alley cats who got caught with them inside the city pound. Cute furball bunny Snowball tries to them all from captivity while demanding Max and Duke to join his gang of disgruntled pets against these humans who have done them wrong. It's a great movie for kids, so they know how to take care of their pets, not leave them without proper care. The cuteness is personified in these Happy Meals out on McDonalds stores nationwide!

They have their own different features and they're not just ordinary toys. They've been out on stores for quite some time now and people are hoarding it. You should definitely drop by McDonalds today and see if you could get your hands on The Secret Life of Pets in every Happy Meal!


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