KFC x Coca Cola Emoticups!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I've been raring to complete those cute little cans that Coca Cola released this year. I like how we could now Share The Feeling and Taste the Feeling whenever we give it away. The emoticons says it all, like if you love em, or kilig about it, or just when you're saying hi it's all there!

During the launch we had Karel Marquez, the executives of Coca Cola and KFC to tell us some even better news. They have just come out with the new EMOTICUPS which they will include in meals and bucket promos in every store nationwide!

They currently have 4 variants, the LOVE, INCREDIBLE, WOW and KILIG Emoticups. Now you have another reason to visit a KFC store and tell people how you feel about them with these cute EMOTICUPS! This will be released during a limited time only or until supplies last. Make sure you head on today to a KFC store so you could get these precious collectibles now!

Congratulations KFC and Coca Cola FEMSA for this great partnership! I'm sure Coke and Chicken lovers like me would be doubly excited when we see these emoticups in our meals! Can't wait to complete the set! 

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