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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I'm such a late bloomer. I just realized how much a drop of fragrance could immediately make your day extraordinary. Case in point, are these life changing Aerator/Diffuser Oil from Favori Scents. I always see this contraption in restrooms in our office and have learned to stay away from it because apparently they were using cheap fabric softeners instead of legit fragrance oils. I kinda cringed after knowing how much these lovely ones cost because if you think about it, they're actually not that expensive. Aside from that, Favori scents effectively kills disease causing bacteria in the air. Imagine how your kids, your loved one, your family and friends would be able to feel safe when they're inside your home. Doesn't that give you peace of mind?

I was a little stressed this week. From covering events, a new harder work out routine, less carbs, no rice, the whole enchilada! The little refuge I need didn't have to cost an arm and a leg because - it's just my bed room. Now I won't let you see my cave for obvious reasons, but I just wanted to try this out. So I took it out of the box and saw these cute little blue bottles from Favori Scents. It was a little mysterious as I didn't know what scents were in the pouch, but when I took it out, I loved what I saw!

The bottle of scents came with a small label. It indicated that it is water soluble. It only means that the thing can actually be dissolved in water. It also says that it can kill odor causing bacteria in the air and is best used in an air conditioned environment, which totally fits the thing that I'm doing today.

At the back of the same label, they encourage you to actually return the empty Favori Scent bottles. They also will give you discounts on your next purchase, that's so nice of them no? So for 4 days I tried them all! Here's what I found out.

Lemon Grass - This is one scent that I usually only appreciate while inside the kitchen. I have it in drinks or chicken most of the time, but it's actually quite good to use here too. Lemongrass oils have been used in perfumery for ages, you just didn't know because they keep it a secret. It is said to be good to make you relax, lessen anxiety, take care of insomnia and drowsiness. Having one thing to do all that is phenomenal and before I used it on the first day, I was sleeping 2-4 hours a day (no joke). I used this and it was quite relaxing, so I slept with the keyboard in my face (around 9PM) and woke up 8AM the next day. Undeniably, it helped and I was gearing to use it everyday after that. I had a better plan though so I used the other Favori Scents instead!

Winter Mint was a little surprising. I love the cold temperature in my room, but this just takes it to a whole different level. I could feel it a little sting, the good type, like I'm breathing fresh eucalyptus infused air, like I'm in a forest. Although I haven't even stepped out of my room in that instance. I dreamed I was a vampire that evening running through the forest... like Twilight, without the glitters, but that acres upon acres of white snow. It felt so fresh, a little minty, and you could feel it when you enter the room. It's there and it will calm you down whatever happened throughout the day. 

Fresh Fruity Mango with notes of sweeter citrus on top, that's what Mango Mandarin smells like. A few drops would actually perk you up, like a bowl of sunshine in the morning. I bet this would be actually better used at daytime because it's fresh and sweet. It's like spring time! Like a whole basket full of mandarin oranges were put in a bowl with cold ice and placed right at your bed side table. Amazing!

Sunkissed Citrus on the other hand presents a sweeter but tangy smell in the air. It's a little more on the citrus side, still sweet but you get the impression of orange slices and a whole fruit platter inside your room. Again, this changes your mood from relaxed to perky. This would really work when you're off to work or just have a few friends over while having tea time or anything in that line. I loved this the most!

I also super love the diffuser that I got from them. It's light, it's got the graduated marks on the side to see if it's already on the minimum or maximum level. Make sure you don't fill it up to the brim because again, this gets your air in a centripetal manner. If it spins around and you have the water up there, it'll probably spill. Aside from that, make sure you only use a few drops of the Favori Scents fragrance oils because its intensity actually depends on how many you put in. I only put in around 5 and it'll last throughout the day when the liquid gets to the minimum level. Putting in the Favori Scents on it could last you a couple of weeks and you don't really need that much if you're just putting it in your room or common areas.

Favori actually doesn't just sell these lovely aerators and aroma oils, they also have Air Sprays, Aroma Candles (oh I love this too!), Aroma Pouches, Diffusers and Burners too. I visited their Megamall branch last Monday and they've got everything! If you hurry, you can join their promo and win one of these Leaf Aerators as seen above! I love how it actually works at night and changes color, definitely puts me in the mood. Go visit them at the GF of Market Market!, GF of Robinsons Place Manila, GF of SM Marikina, SM Megamall Building A and SM Southmall for the people down south! It's the easy way, the affordable one, and boy it's worth it! Now it's your turn to love, appreciate and smell what Favori Scents has to offer!


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