Smart Pledges Free Access for Pokemon GO in PH

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Playing Pokemon in the Philippines!
It hasn't been launched yet but I was one of the few people who got excited and played with Pokemon Go in PH a couple of months ago. Since the game isn't here yet, I'm still super excited because apart from having our own dedicated server, we're also going to be welcomed with FREE ACCESS exclusive to SMART Subscribers here in the Philippines. Oh yes you heard that right, it means that Smart and TNT subscribers with iPhone and Android Phones can access the game without any charges for 7 days after it gets launched in the country.

Pokemon GO is a location based augmented reality mobile game and is currently available in 30 countries. It was initially launched in USA, New Zealand, Australia and Japan on July 6 but is going to conquer Philippine shores very soon!

Smart has also launched their #PHForPokemonGO campaign online in anticipation of the huge following this game has been able to do in a span of a few weeks. For Pokemon Series fans, this augmented reality game can get you back that nostalgia. As for now, you can stay in the real world environment with OMNOM, Zombie's Run, or Niantic's Ingress so you can get a feel of Pokemon GO even if it's not here yet. 

You can also be assured that it'll be really smooth with Smart and TNT when it launches soon. You can be sure to make Pokemon GO purchases even without a credit card. Smart's Google Direct Carrier Billing for Android users can be used to purchase POKECOINS so you can buy supplies to make that Pokemon Catching habit easy. It will be charged on your Prepaid or Postpaid account. Meanwhile another alternative for Postpaid subscribers is Smart's Pay-With-Mobile service. It will be charged on your account and pay later when your bill arrives. 

If you want to hear more news about it, follow Smart's social media channels. I'm sure, it's worth the wait!


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