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Sunday, August 28, 2016

I took a trip down south with some of my blogger pals to Amaia Steps Sucat. It's that medium rise condominium complex a few kilometers right after you enter Paranaque's Bicutan exit. They've already built a couple of structures already on the former Nestle lot and about to complete a couple more in the next few years. I like the fact that they didn't build huge towers there, it would have ruined the landscape and it's actually a very quiet and progressive neighborhood. You'll love to raise a family there.

I went inside their showroom and they've pretty much made Amaia Steps Sucat a conducive place to live. The plan is to have a couple of stores, shops that can pretty much get you what you and your family need inside the community, not having to go out too far. That's convenient, and I've seen their spaces staged. Their designs have maximized the square footage of each unit. I could imagine it to fit single men, families and their guests. It's a nice place to start.

The Studio unit space is around 22.31 square meter. It costs 1.8 - 2.1 Million depending on where it is on the property.

This is the 1 Bedroom De Luxe space which is around 31.19 Square Meters. Price is around 2.1 to 2.3 Million, again depending on the location of the unit. This one is already okay for me but they've got a larger one fit for families like I mentioned earlier.

The biggest one was the Premier which is more or less around 40 Square Meters. It costs around 3.2 Million which is understandable because of the space which could fit 4 people easily. There are options for office space, but it depends on how you would be able to fix the layout. These are given bare so you have a blank canvas, a sink and toilet and bath to start with. Just get a great interior designer and it'll be lovely in no time! It was nice for them to let us see how they staged it, just ask anyone in the showroom and they'd be glad to help you check out the place.

We were also there for BAGA Manila, the association of Barbecuers and Grillers of Manila. They had us dine under the stars with a couple of tables and chairs, even a parcel of land intended for picnic using tropical lights usually seen in beach destinations in the Philippines. They are open Friday and Saturday from 5 PM onwards.

Amaia Land makes city living worthwhile with establishments like these that would make living in a community that would be easy, with more time to bond with your family. For those who would like to live there or ask about their property, just go to or their official facebook page at

For those who want to drop by for BAGA Manila, they will be there until January of 2017 so you've got a pretty long time to enjoy it. Remember, they are open every Friday and Saturday from 5PM onwards. I'll have my Lechon Kawali and Nachos plus really good drinks when I drop by Bicutan next week. You should too!


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