Matteo Guidicelli Saving For the Big Day: Endorses the Sun Life Prosperity Card

Friday, August 19, 2016

"A future with endless possibilities, I want every Filipino to have that! This is why I want people to learn more about Sun Life Assent Management. Sun Life is someone I believe in, a chance to make Filipinos invest, make it grow starting from a card and have a financial advisor guide you how to do it. I believe in the products that I endorse. I enjoyed doing different roles, to be in Dolce Amore I was happy with what the role brought me. Their feedback is okay, when I died they felt sad for me, even the bashers. I want to have substance and meaning to every role. I had two weeks of training for Iron Man, I hope I can break that next year. We can blame Sarah a little haha! I'm also going to have a concert in Cebu, entitled Matteo Made in Cebu on November 18, hope you watch it! Sun Life has been increasing accounts here an they are putting in funds regularly. You can enroll BDO accounts and automatically invest in our peso funds, like auto deduction. It's a good way of starting your investments. This year has been a life changing one, I opened my new restaurant in Cebu and my sister is managing that. I also have Bigbang Productions, I don't want to be fast, but everything is in preparation for that big, special, day! I think I found the one, it will just take a few more years, I'm lucky I have a Dad that is strict and warns me if I over spend. I have anothe professional helping me invest, being with Ms. Charo, Piolo, Juday with me, I was honored! I was surprised, I know I'm gonna be honest with what I do." -Matteo Guidicelli

Sunlife Asset Management Company Incorporated (SLAMCI) believes that for any Filipino to become a smart investor and financial freedome, they need to grow their money through financial education and mutual funds. Filipinos need to become protected, and they've got 11 different funds to choose from depending on your investment behavior. It can be done with as little as 5 thousand pesos. It can be returned with 23 percent, growing more than regular time deposits as it is the better and good way to do investing. This is where they introduce the SUN LIFE Prosperity Card.

Ms Mylene Lopa of Sun Life says they've got a new "Money 4 Life" Campaign to encourage Filipinos to have a financial plan as 9/10 Filipinos really lack this. Sun Life has been here for 120 years and they don't want to see that. They've got products for every need, a single person, those with kids, or just retired, we all have phases in life that needs plans to serve us. We need everything to be designed with plans with Sun Life has for us. They want to break the financial 

Matteo Guidiccelli adds that he represents the millenials, one that have different priorities. 8/10 of them seem to want to experience life rather than earn money. The credit card empowers them but seem not to know that it is credit. They don't have a grasp of how this disconnects with the reality that it is not property, putting them into debt quite early. They have to allocate their spending plan to emergency funds, start growing their money early and get them to invest while they're young. They need financial security, the earlier they prepare, the better. 

Yna Fuentes of Sun Life says "The Prosperity Card has been here this year. People have already made spending a habit to more tangible items, they need to revolutionize mutual funds and have that reacheable. This is the first mutual fund investment card in the country. It is a prepaid investment card and is available at 5,000 pesos. We want this card to be used open an account in the Peso denominated funds, whether you are conservative or aggressive, you can give this to your loved ones. Instead of giving them toys or dresses, you can start them young in investing. You are giving them the gift of prosperity, you can get it at or 8 of out financial stores. You can buy them from 3,000 financial advisors and you just need to sign up investment forms and an ID. can analyze your financial behavior just by answering a few questions, you can use this to open an account there or use it as a cheque if you've got an existing one. We encourage you to fill this up or juts ask an advisor. You can start your journey now, to help each other to make every Filipino feel that financial freedom"

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