New Kris Aquino LBC Express Commercial Shows Joy of Moving

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

LBC Express Behind The Scenes with Kris Aquino

The Filipino has always been family-centric. We might have a huge portion of our populace going outside the country, but they always call this land home. We all have that relative, family member, or friend that always thinks of you even when they're far away. It's actually part of our culture to be able to get that point across, that love felt by bringing in what they have outside the country into our shores. Thousands of OFW's spend quite a fortune on piling up the best gifts inside a box of LBC and send them home to be able to let you feel how you are loved even if they're thousands of miles away. 

Now in those years, nobody has ever asked yet how the person that delivers your packages how they feel. You see, LBC sees this as their JOY. They see every box, every package as a vessel of love. They know how hard it is for people from across the world (that's almost every country) would take their time and pick up one stuff to let the people in the Philippines know how much they care, how much they are remembered. They do get happiness, sheer joy in  bringing you these boxes into your home. They want you to feel in this new commercial how much they've felt really good doing this for you, and Kris Aquino included in it too.

This is LBC Express' way of letting you know how much they care. They have been doing this business for years now and the thing that keeps them going is the JOY that is felt every time you bring a box home to your family. You should know.


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