Mountain Dew Asks YOU to Choose, Gets YOU New Pickup Truck!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I had a ton of work, a photoshoot and a full working day during this launch so I missed it. Although that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy what Mountain Dew has up their sleeves at home. See, they have come out with Dewmocracy. A term they coined to introduce two of their newest flavors. I am currently a stockholder of Mountain Dew (a joke, but I've probably held down countless liters of the original Mountain Dew these past few years). I've probably drank half of it during my blue collar days as it keeps me awake in the office, people get scared when they see me easily drink a whole 1.5 bottle in one sitting. I guess it's because I like the lime flavor, it takes me back to when we were kids and I enjoyed this in glass bottles. To cut the long story short, I'm a big fan. Now that they've decided to make us have a CHOICE with these new Mountain Dew flavors, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Mountain Dew Live Wire and Mountain Dew Blue Shock. Now how about the taste?

Judging by the looks of it, colors are VERY attractive. The Mountain Dew LiveWire is pretty much your lovely Dew with a blast of Orange. When cold, you get to feel that extreme burst and sharpness on your tongue, then leaves you with a more intense orange flavor. It was like a jolt, but definitely something to love other than the original one. 

The other one is the Mountain Dew BlueShock. Like the name says, it's Raspberry Citrus flavor comes like a shock. I bet this would be good for those who want something unique, because it is different. Taste wise, it's like a mix of fruit juice or more of a mocktail without the guilt of alcohol and just uses 2 fruit flavors to achieve that.

For those who would choose Mountain Dew Blue Shock or Mountain Dew Live Wire, they're making it even EXTRA fun by letting you choose your favorite among these two flavors. This is a DEWmocracy after all and everyone who practices his voice and use either hashtags #DewBlueShock or #DewLiveWire would stand a chance to win A NEW PICKUP TRUCK when you vote the winning flavor. Now how's that for your NEXT wild adventure?!

Now go post your entries on Instagram or Twitter to make your voice count. Follow them on the same channels @MountainDewPH and their official Facebook page to know more about the promo. I personally would choose #DewLiveWire because I like it's flavor more. Letting people know about it on Instagram and Twitter could win me a NEW pickup truck, I say bring  it! I want one! Woohoo!


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