OPPO F1's Quest for the Perfect Selfie!

Friday, August 05, 2016

I'm no Nyle Dimarco, but just like the most of you, I do take selfies. It's not a sin, some people like it, some don't, but if we are going to take selfies, I feel it should be done with the best hardware, best phone with a camera capability that would make you still look very real, and good no matter what side of you face is being shot.

I'll be on a journey next weekend with our friends from OPPO as they take their OPPO F1 series to the outskirts of Manila and try their best phone yet that promises to take outstanding selfies, now that's a challenge I'm willing to take.

The OPPO F1 series was launched last February and has got an 8MP Front Camera that can take an 84 degree wide angle shot. It also has an f 2.0 aperture and a 1/4 inch sensor that means it would be able to capture more light when you need to, without being all too bulky in form. 

Now it all looks so promising as they have software that also comes with that excellent hardware, but I really havent held that phone yet so take this recommendation with a grain of salt. Hopefully we would be able to use it by next week. I'm raring to test it on myself, my friends, and even take a LOT of videos just to make sure. Hopefully it won't dissappoint as it's predecessors have performed quite well in the past.

OPPO Philippines' Marketing Manager Stephen Cheng knows what Filipinos need today in the smartphone market and says "When choosing their smartphones, people simply look for attractive designs, powerful hardware, long battery life and a camera that take beautiful photos. One that they could take whenever and wherever they are!"

Hopefully we could see that very soon as they continue OPPO's quest for the perfect selfie!

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