James Reid, Nadine Lustre and JC Santos for Till I Met You

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Would you risk everything for LOVE?

That's what people think is easy, but really, it's not. This offering of Dreamscape and ABSCBN will make you think of the consequences when Team Real James Reid and Nadine Lustre fall in love in this story with JC Santos and the dreamy Mykonos, Athens, Santorini in Greece this August. 

At first, Nadine's character Iris fell in love with her childhood sweetheart Ali (played by JC Santos). Basti (played by James Reid) was a tour guid in Greece and when they got together, he fell in love with Iris, and so did she. It'll be a test of friendship, the strength of relationships, and love.

I'm not in Greece because I'm in Manila doing business. I have a restaurant and may not be in the Greece shoot. -Pokwang

I don't have he budget to go to Greece, I have lots of friends who are part of that shoot.  We appreciate scenes with them, even if they don't have sleep they always sense they want to fight. My birthday was there, in Abu Dhabi, they also gave me cakes in the airplane and they sang for me, when I arrived in Manila my twins were there. Angel helped us with medicines because Zoren got sick.  -Carmina Villaroel

The story started in friendship, the three of them including an LGBT, but they have to choose whether friends or family. They have chemistry right from the start but these are different characters. They were excited getting to know them because they are new. OTWOL is playful, there are flavors of it that we took here but a bit leveled up. We just added more stories of family and friendship. You will definitely see kissing scenes. The 4 cast members are already set, but the friendships have been complicated from day 1. They laugh even off screen so it was easy to see their rapport. It was super nice in Greece, I wanted to see people get that wow factor because the day effect is long. I had to make do with a skeleton crew. That experience is treasured, everyone helped a lot! The challenges was just more on language, they do speak english but there are terms where we had to fix. We did guerilla shoots, we had to do what we had to do. Ali has been there from the start, we didn't know how to do it at first but on the first taping day he was able to do it. I had to make him look like a bestfriend that would feel like a threat to an already exisiting love team.  -Antonette Jadaone

We'll see, the relationships that we have here are more matured. It's the chemistry of the three friends that are interesting. Since mu break, I don't have time to go out anymore. It's all work. I feel the Greek mythology, there's magic there because of the history. I think one memorable scene is he first meeting at Athens airport. You'll love that. Friendship is something worldly. We're lucky we were doing this for work, but we've been like this for almost everyday.  -James Reid

I don't want to spill details, but there will be some interesting things that will happen in the story. We personally know each other really well, so I don't think we have secrets from each other. I really wanted to go there, the food was awesome and it was on my bucketlist. Make sure you see the Santorini shots because that's where Iris is going to change. In Mykonos, there will be a surprise so you have to watch tomorrow. It's super happy with Direk Andoy too, we bond with him a lot. We didn't know OTWOL would be that successful but the same feeling is there. I like the friendship, family and love involved in this show. We are like bestfriends, we started like that and it just happened to end up perfectly. -Nadine Lustre

Carmina says "JaDine is different from other love teams but these two are so thrilled and thankful, I watched the kissing scenes and they are super famous but super humble and dedicated to their craft, they deserve their success right now.

Pokwang adds "It's my first time working with them but they are the ones excited to work with Pokwang, they laugh at me a lot and they are human. I like making their workplace stress free."

Angel Aquino says "I'm very happy to be with my OTWOL idols, they are great people and the magic of JaDine is different because they are real."

I was having a hard time during a scene in Mykonos. I can't spill the details, but it's life changing. -Jc

The show also stars Carmina Villaroel, Zoren Legaspi, Angel Aquino, Pokwang, Kim Molina, Robert Seña, Richard Yap and Jay Manalo. This is also Directed by Antonette Jadaone. It will be shown right after hit show "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano". We don't really need to promote this because they've already sold out CD's of the soundtrack and surely, will have huge ratings tomorrow!

We will update this as soon as I get photos from my dslr! :)

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