Eraserheads Reunite For Smart #AllOutSurf 30

Friday, August 19, 2016

If I would tell you the times how much the ERASERHEADS music helped me breeze through life, high school and college, we would probably need a new blog. 

Watch this!

I almost cried when I saw this video, well okay I actually did... this is the way Smart is announcing their newest promo. It's #SmartAllOutSurf 30 where you can enjoy 2 days of data, calls and texts so everybody could experience convenience COMPLETELY. 

For starters, it's really different when the ERASERHEADS are complete. Imagine my shock when they performed for Smart events, I couldn't just take my jaw off the floor anymore because they're in one place. From their first concert in UP to their last performance during the PLDT and SMART's logo launch, you can really feel how much they're just meant to be together. The music is just ethereal, out of this world, and the sound is just complete. You can't beat that, no matter what you say, they are the number one band in the country. They are going to be in the history books, no joke! (#IbaTalagaPagKumpleto!)

Now go get that affordable, complete promo that you can use for 2 days that only costs 30 pesos. It's got 300MB of internet data plus FREE FB access. Isn't that what YOU want? :) Oh and before I forget you still have a LOT OF DAYS for FREE Pokemon GO access! Stay happy!


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