Eric Quizon, Billy Crawford, Kean Cipriano, Martin Escudero and Angeline Quinto in "That Thing Called Tanga Na"

Friday, August 05, 2016

A film done as a tribute to the LGBT, "That Thing Called Tanga Na" is said to be Mother Lily Monteverde's gift to the community. She promises this to be an entertaining film full of all kinds of love as she believes it's going to be relateable for all kinds of genders. The film outfit has produced "Petrang Kabayo", "Kumander Gringa", "Bala at Lipstick", "Manat Po 1 & 2", "Happy Together" and a couple of other themed films, they have steadfastly made these funny ones to showcase how colorful their lives are. These are just a few box office hits and they want to tell the story that no matter what gender, they are still human too, they are still capable of love and they also makes mistakes. 

Here's a short video of them telling us about their characters:

Eric Quizon portrays Papa Chui, a gay man from a very conservative Chinese family who's actually in a relationship with a younger guy, and sponsors him for all his needs. Martin Escudero on the other hand plays a transexual woman who wants to adopt a kid and have a family. Billy Crawford meanwhile plays a closeted gay who's got a relationship with a guy who's mother is going to cause problems for them. Kean Cipriano here has a really professional career as a fashion designer and gets who he wants because of it. Little did soon to be married Angeline Quinto in the film that the guy she's marrying also slept with Kian's character. This will be a riot, a test on how Eric, Billy, Kean, Martin and Angeline would still be able to maintain their friendship despite their circumstances. 

"During the first few days I was really hesitant because it's hard to play the character in the film, it was a challenge for me. I'm a rocker but I find the extreme difference between my real personality, the tone of his voice and walking with heels. We had to make CC be experienced and the challenge was how to balance his vibe, how to dress up, how to wear a night gown and embrace how his journey as a gay person is. It's so fun to be gay and you'll see how their lives are eventful. It won't be experienced as straight people. My take is we all make stupid decisions falling in love no matter what gender, form or shape we are. It's one great equalizer. I grew up going to all boy schools and I admit I pass some subjects because of gays, homophobie is passe and odd living a life fearing a person with that gender, that's a problem. It's challenging to take out simple things as a man, and the tone of my voice, I enjoy saying words and converse with fellow actors like that, it's fun!" says Kean Cipriano.

Here's an interview we did a couple of months ago during a set visit

Similar to Kean I was hesitant and I don't want to offend anyone doing the role. We had negative impressions in the past with things we did in skits of Showtime. This is my comeback film in Regal so I was excited, a bit skeptical because it was Joel Lamangan. We wouldn't be able to do it withour him and we enjoyed how he shaped each individual character. Mine was easier because I need to also be a little strong, I didn't have any guides and Direk was really strict about that. There are gays that when you see them, you see them really fun, but you really have to know their story and the things that they are going through. You make mistakes but you move on." says Billy.

Lawrence Yap says "I'm the husband of Angeline in this film and I had to really convince myself sometimes that I have to play him funny. In terms of gender, love doesn't really choose who to do it with. No hate, just love."

"I brought Korean food and cooked in the set so we could get really bonded. It was fun and that's what I ultimately wanted to happen. A lot of people tell me I am "Babaeng Bakla" even when I was still living in Sampaloc and I think that title alone is fun. Everyone is capable of being an idiot especially when it comes to love, I learned a lot in this film because of what they go through in life. I know a lot of people who are in this industry, some even marry off and it's not a bad thing." adds Angeline

"I feel this movie would really help understand how to handle situations and gay relationships. I've met homophobic people but I tell them when I do hear things like that." says Paolo Gumabao.

"From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful that gays have built Regal what it is right now. This one is for you, I made this film for my friends and I have a lot of them in my circle. This is to thank you!" says Mother Lily.

The film also stars hunks Albie Casino, Ken Alfonso, Timothy Lawrence Yap, Paolo Gumabao, Luke Conde, Jerald Napoles, funny vixen Shine Kuk, Nikki Valdez, and a lot more. Again this film is directed by Joel Lamangan for Regal Films. Premier night will be on August 9 at SM Megamall's Cinema 7. It will be shown on theaters this coming August 10 nationwide!

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