The Tag Heuer Connected Watch Launch

Friday, August 05, 2016

We covered the Tag Heuer Connected Watch event today! It was hot and humid, but still very fun!

"We have been working on this for quite a while and two years ago when they launched smart watches we didn't wven know the potential of this but we have been wanting to do this with the right people for quite some time, this is Tag Heuer Connected. We are fortunate to have a genius at headquarters, this has been in their minds for a while and when we had interest we had a lot of help in the process. We do Swiss Avant Garde and this is a young market, we need to have a watch that we master on our side. We spent a few days on silicon valley to make this new category, hopefully this is just the beginning.

We can't tell you what's next but this is big. This watch lasts 25 hours, you may consume much more and might be shorter than that. This has 3 different plugs that can be charged in 2 hours. Even the president of Intel had this work while swimming, it won't be an issue for splash, but not entirely waterproof. You still need to take care of it. It's retail price is Php 69,000, and it's priced the same as with any Tag Heuer Connected watch anywhere in the world including taxes. We made a point to have it be like that plus a 2 year warranty like all our watches. We will also have an option for Tag Heuer Connected watch owners to own our classic ones if they add US$1,500 as an option exclusive for owners of this model. It is compatible with iOS too and Android phones but again this is built with Android so most of the functions will work with that. Hopefully they could talk and fix connectivity too." says the Tag Heuer representative.

They also had the people try their luck not to crack under pressure. This one's a treat because they won prizes from Tag Heuer by shooting 5 basketballs on the court. Pretty neat!

It's very important for Tag Heuer to also partner with the PBA and they've done that for 3 years. They partner with different sports organizations so you get to follow results of your favorite teams on the watch too. Fitting for their tag line, connected to eternity!

Thanks to Tag Heuer for having is in their event! Had fun! :)

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