Aubrey Miles for Brillante Mendoza Presents: Everlasting

Thursday, March 23, 2017

We wrote about this last December before the outing of the first installment of Brillante Mendoza Presents, of the world renowned visionary and Best Director at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. 

All Saturdays of last month, they've released TSINOY, which was brought about by the depiction of Filipino Chinese families set in the famous Binondo district in Manila. This time however, he's taking the story telling up another notch by doing a very unique tale of love of two women (played by Aubrey Miles and indie queen Mercedes Cabral) and the struggles arise when people follow their dreams, and go through the hardships of love. Almost all the scenes are also shot in Baguoi while the annual PANAGBENGA festival is ongoing. Direk Brillante's take on this story is different but will be telling it all in detail so you get to understand where the characters are coming from. How do you reason with a dream? How do you argue with love on the line?

This may just be another month where your Saturday evenings will get the brunt of how TV5 is disrupting the television space. Imagine watching quality movie scenes each week right in the comfort of your own homes, wouldn't that be nice? Well take the chance to watch the show starting this March 25, 9:30PM on TV5. You don't have to pay a single cent to see what a Cannes Film Festival awardee is doing on public broadcast TV. The show will also be tackling lesbian relationships so make sure you would always explain things to kids as the characters set off to find their real happiness. Now if you think this program is pushing the envelope, you're just seeing the second story... there are more!

Make sure you stay tuned to TV5 9:30PM every Saturdays on the Kapatid Network!


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Stream Free Movies, Shows via MovieClub App

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Have you heard of the MovieClub App? I haven't either. Well today we just witnessed the launch of the MovieClub App and we know you want FREE stuff. They have video on demand and stream local content and doesn't charge you a single cent for it to work. It's been available on Google Play since August last year so if you are looking for something to watch while braving EDSA traffic, or your comfort rooms, your rooms, this is it.

MovieClub noticed how it's hard to produce local content and Filipinos do come up with spectacular content but malls don't quite get it. So MovieClub aims to provide new revenue channels to protect, monetize and showcase their work. They are currently concentrating on the local film industry build and designed by Filipinos and for Filipinos. For the past few years, we are building more networks and data usage will change in the next few years. We consume media on our mobile phones even MORE because you can literally take it anywhere, and MovieClub is banking on these changes to sustain a more sustainable local content ecosystem. They thought if this content is accesible, it will make the medium viable substitutes versus traditional media and advertising where they do earn quite a lot from.

They will monetize by showing ads on these videos and content will all be 100% legal and licensed with their rightful owners. So if you want to support local content makers, producers, artists, directors, watching here will do that automatically. They are currently expanding their library but there's a ton of it already available on the app. You just need login credentials via Facebook or your email address. You can also put your favorite ones on your Movie Bucket if you want to watch it later. There will be several HD quality content available too in the pipeline. Soon you will see studio libraries, film fest entries, local and foreign ones and indie films all in one place. You can download it now at or just search MovieClub on the Google Play store. We did it on the launch and watched hit indie film Saving Sally on the venue. You may find more information about MovieClub on Facebook, you know how to use the search function right? We're adults lol.

Now that you know where to get it, go make yourself entertained with the MovieClub app and watch these things in a huge vault of Filipino films and shows on your mobile phones. 

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Loisa Andalio Endorses Ever Bilena

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This is their 34th year and Ever Bilena is not stopping in beautifying Filipina women as they bring fresh, confident and beautiful Loisa Andalio as their newest endorser. This comes as welcome news to people who patronize the brand as teens and millenials deem this one of the most affordable but quality cosmetic products in the country.

"I used this since I was in high school and when I got the news that I was the brand ambassador, I was super happy. I was ecstatic even more too because now I don't have to buy make up (she kids). I am so excited to be free (with limits from my parents) and I'm more focused on my career and it is my priority. I'm delighted to be chosen among the celebrities who are also in my age. I'm a simple teenager that can be reached by my peers, I'm not perfect, I'm not too beautiful but I want to inspire and influence the youth to take these imperfections and be proud of it. I hope I get blessings I deserve, and for the people I love to be happy. I go to 4 things like the press powder, eyebrow pencil, blush and matte moby lipstick that are in pink nude shade. In formal occasions, I do brown black makeup, and do it in 30 minutes. It's easy and I don't have any secrets, it's just Youtube and Ever Bilena. I also wish people would get to watch me on April 29 at Lo18a: A Birthday Concert at the Music Museum as I'm very excited for that!" -Loisa Andalio 

This is a treat partnership between Loisa and us because we feel her supporters even buy a lot because they tag the brand if they buy lipsticks, eye makeup, concealers, and she will be everywhere including the new Ever Bilena TV commercial called A Day In The Life. You should watch how Loisa shows how she transforms into the new, young and hip Loisa Andalio now that she is 18! - said the Ever Bilena Executives.

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Lazada's 5th Birthday Comes with HUGE Sale!

A few days ago we were invited to celebrate Lazada's 5th Birthday at Discovery Primea in Makati City. Lazada has always been bringing you the best deals in the Philippine e-commerce landscape and has been a pioneer in improving the delivery services, payment channels and just about everything that has got to do with online shopping. As mentioned, it's already their 5th year in  the Philippines so what else could be a better way to celebrate it but by doing a huge LAZADA Birthday Sale this March 21-23. What does that mean?

This means there will be tons of merchants, suppliers, and companies that will make your shopping experience a GREAT one. How you ask? There will be tons of flash sales. Starting from 12AM up until the next few days, they will get your well loved gadgets, beauty products, fashion items and well loved brands dish out their products up for sale with 30-90% off. There also will be bundled freebies, products under 500 pesos, and online exclusives which you won't find anywhere else but in Lazada.

Also, if you're looking for deals with Silverworks (oh yes I love their stainless necklaces!), action cameras, monitors, printers, mobile phones, musical instruments, home appliances, you know they're going to come out with more offers directly from the brands, or from LAZADA themselves. They even have online exclusive sales which some you can pay in installment or COD in some instances. If you want to give that special graduation gift, this is the opportune time to do it because LAZADA's birthday is celebrated with YOU in mind. Go to today and get the best things money can buy! I know I'll get something today! :) Drop everything and start shopping!

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Red Talks with Daphne, the Web Series

Monday, March 20, 2017

I haven't really gone out of the country that much but I'm glad these days, almost everyone can easily fly. World's best low cost carrier AirAsia has revolutionized this sector of the industry and has made it possible for Filipinos, the rest of the region, to fly to different parts of the country and the world. 

This evening, I had the pleasure to witness the launch of Red Talks with Daphne hosted by one of my blogging idols Ms. Daphne OseƱa-Paez. I remember her doing hit show F, her other web series visiting other countries, her duties with the UN and the adventures she had with her family, which I followed religiously til now. But this web series she's doing with the AirAsia Foundation, the AirAsia Big Loyalty Programme, Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, Flower Island Resort Palawan and Jewelmer is totally going to be different as it will only premier on AirAsia Philippines' Facebook Page on March 25, 2017. She adds "It is a 6 part series, like a lifestyle magazine show on the web. Everyone is going to see it with your help. More than the beauty and glamour of the job, we will tell their story. Their journey, how they got there. I went to their training center and you get a glimpse on how to be an all star, which they are called. It was also nice to know Tony Fernandez, you really get inspired. We also met some silversmiths in Yogyakarta, it's a magical place and we have seen the work of AirAsia Foundation. They fund them and help social entrepreneurs in branding, packaging and other expertise. It's a story of oue journey and it's something else. It even rained on the way to the temple and we didn't want that to ruin the trip. We were put together by Air Asia, we were complete strangers and now we have major sepanx.

This is way beyond what I expected, to see my show on the silver screen, I do not take this for granted and thank you Air Asia! I hope this inspires your journeys."

As AirAsia Philippine Brand Manager David Viray puts it "Our airline is realizing this dream of making flying affordable and accesible to all. This has also inspired so many people in the reagion and Daphne, through Red Talks with Daphne will talk about people and places that share the same dream we have, and the same story."

The 6 part series will start off with Destination: Dream (The Man with the Red Cap) which will talk about the man himself AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernadez (will be shown on March 25, 2017), Destination: Fly which are stories about AirAsia Cabin Crews (will be shown on April 8, 2017, Destination: Good which is about the Silversmiths of Arkomjogja (shown in April 22, 2017), Destination: Unity which is about the ASEAN (shown on May 6, 2017), Destination: Harmony which is about Environmental Protection of Businesses (shown on May 20, 2017), Destination: Freedom which is about travelers (shown on June 3, 2017). This will also be shown 7PM Manila Time on these dates, all produced by Philippines AirAsia Inc. This is their way of inspiring you to your journeys, so you shouldn't miss this.

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Shopping Fun With The New SODEXO Mobile Pass

I'm a shopaholic. I go from one place to another and buy specific things, or by bulk quite often. Whether it's clothes, shoes, groceries, it's not a problem with me because I enjoy doing it. It's like therapy and I'm sure I'm not alone right?

I received a message through SMS a few weeks ago and was surprised with a gift. It was from SODEXO, and it had a bunch of numbers in it which confused me at first because the only SODEXO I know were pretty much the SODEXO Gift Certificates, specifically the Premium Pass commonly accepted in their partner stores. The text message is actually a new service they've launched called SODEXO Mobile Pass and I was so excited to try it out on how it works. I knew the best way to do that is to go to 3 malls and buy stuff! I know we can get free advice from their official website where to go. So I took my phone, used Smart Communications LTE and browsed for the establishments that accepted SODEXO Mobile Pass which you can see here.

The SM Store

Everybody goes to SM (because they've got it all for you!) and I'm so glad that SODEXO Premium Pass is accepted in this mall. They even partnered with SM and have their own merchant GC's so I was sure the SM Mobile Pass is going to be accepted here. I was expecting that there will be some small hitches because as mentioned it is a new service, but I talked to the right people and guided to the installment terminal on the lower ground of SM Cubao. 

I got two of these bed covers for myself, it was on sale and I didn't have to choose the other designs. As long as it's blue I'm good!
I proceeded to pay in the counter and they checked procedures on their manual. They shot the bar code that was on the email on my phone and voila! It was already accepted!
Now the number on the text message is actually the number of the Gift Certificate. Just in case the machines can't process that by manually putting in the number on their terminal, you should show the email that comes with your SODEXO Mobile Pass. They scanned it on their terminal and I heard the beep, it deducted the amount and I paid for the remaining price. Now imagine if you are giving these to guests of an event, by merely knowing their phone number and email address, you can get them shopping just by showing these things on the counter. It was fast and I didn't have to bring papers with me. I just showed them the GC and number on the phone and it was good as cash! So I had to do more right? Right.


Now I saw Rustan's as partner establishment on their site. I always use my GC's in Shopwise because they are the same company. I haven't asked yet if they do accept the Sodexo Mobile Pass, so imagine my surprise when I saw this on the counter.

So right from the get go, I would not have issues using SODEXO Mobile Pass
Mom said so. So I bought rice, frozen Chicken Balls, sweet potatoes for the diet and a white bread.
All gift certificates need to be verified at the Customer Service counter. There are no lines on this one.
Then show your SODEXO Mobile Pass on the counter and pay for the excess if you have some.

Doing groceries was a breeze and they even helped us pack stuff, put them in boxes and keep on the carts since we needed to shop some more. Shopwise closes 11PM so if you need to do your grocery shopping even at night, this place is super convenient. Their right smack in the middle of Araneta Center too, so if you are in nearby communities you can just park your car on the second floor, go down and shop then come back if you would need to do errands elsewhere. Which I exactly did.


I was hungry for shirts and shoes and of course where else to go but BENCH. They just concluded the Bench Fashion Week and even included one of the world's finest Male Supermodel and World's Sexiest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli. I was there and did my best to take notes what to wear from the Spring Summer 2017 collection. Pietro wore this.

So I did the natural thing to replicate what he wore that day. I think I've got that Manila shirt on point!

Now I suggest you actually show them the SODEXO Mobile Pass and email that came with it early on before you do purchase an item as I see they are still rolling out the service on most BENCH stores. The large ones in huge malls actually accepted it and I didn't have any problems at all. I could see in the near future, all their partner establishments would easily have these transactions work just like their SODEXO Premium Pass.

Here's more reason to note why it's a good idea!

I believe in the convenience this has brought to me, and if you think about it, we're in the digital age where killing trees (since that's where paper comes from) is so passe. It's good for the environment, everybody has a cellphone, everyone uses data especially in the metro so make sure these holidays to take your presents, your GC's a SODEXO Mobile Pass. I know because I just did and remember, this is the best Gift and Reward for your Employees, Customers and Partners. Do the right thing. You may go to their website here or the channels below for more details.


For more information about their products:
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No Rules Just Style Sessions with MoodBoard Manila and Cat Arambulo

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I attended a luncheon over at BGC for the Mood Board Manila talk with Cat Arambulo. My sincere apologies for not writing sooner because this for me is such a difficult subject to talk about (had 4 revisions lol). I'm engineer by profession and in the past we only touched quite a little about interior design. Cat Arambulo talked about how important it is to basically make your design decisions about yourself. It is important that when other people see your room, it's a representation of your aesthetics and what you want people to see when they see your room. 

Now I'm not of that type, I feel ancient and NEVER had people look at my room because of the mess I make everyday. I think I'm sick, I hoard things, but still think I live quite a minimal life. Though I'm quite glad Mood Board Manila makes it easy for anyone to solve that problem. They've got professionals you can consult with, and interior designers to take care of your needs. I might eventually need to be one of their clients.

Putting their money where their mouth is, Mood Board Manila transformed a small space on the 2nd Floor of La Creperie in BGC into a personal space. I was impressed how they could turn bare walls into elegant classy murals, complete with wall sconces and a fire place with winter country home accents I'd be glad to have on my space. At this day and age, this should be something like a necessity especially for condo dwellers and make this a benchmark for all other future projects. Planning well would make Manila a great place to live in if that happens. 

Cat explains “You must remember that When you talk about your space, it’s going to be all about you. It’s about your personality, like When you’re into fashion and you're the kind that enjoy the details of clothing, style, or trend, you can put all the concepts into how you should decorate your space. Whether you want to take it to another level, it depends on your character, your preferred color palette, like when you dress up for an occasion. Right now, the colors Copper, Rose Gold, Green and Marble are on trend. If you have no idea what to do, but like one color, you can do it in five different textures. Do something silky, leathery, suede or even fluffy. It puts in drama and character to a room, you can stick to that idea."

MoodBoard Manila's interior designer Kristel Poyaoan gave us a survey to identify what style would work for us. She quirps “You need to know at least what a client's preference is, what appeals to them and what they usually respond to and why because at moodboardMANILA, the client's satisfaction is premier. Our job at MoodBoard Manila is to interpret them, put these things into life because the last thing we would want to happen is getting all boxed up. If you desire to be diverse, we can do that and pick pieces that would depict harmony, to make your space lively, and be the spot you would want to have a retreat to after a long day at work. It has to be a space that reflects who you are."

For those who would want to ask questions or know more about their services, you may send them an email via or call 09177726273. Thanks MoodBoard Manila for having us at their event! I learned a lot and might have to pickup a lot to throw to the bin in my room after that talk LOL!


For more information about their services:
Official GMA Artist Center
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Ortigas & Co. Opens The Bike Playground at Circulo Verde

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Have you gone to Circulo Verde? It's been a while for me and from the looks of it, they have changed a lot. I was here when they started constructing it a few years ago because I work nearby. Ortigas & Company had a really good vision developing this place into a township. This was once a river cabbage plantation that sat beside the Marikina River. They developed dikes and a model sewerage system so it won't get flooded. Built buildings for condo dwelling and several structures which now houses restaurants and businesses built right inside the community. 

That's not all, because this time Ortigas & Co. is launching a new venue for bike enthusiasts. It's called "The Bike Playground Circulo Verde" which sits at the back of the sprawling property. They now have an internationally designed bike trail, one for the kids, plus a facility indoors with asphalt. The tracks are designed for all levels and even if it's technical, they can still join and ride on the track for only 65 pesos for the whole day and 95 for night rides. 

During the event, the blessing was graced by world champion Adrien Loron and Ortigas & Co Executives. They also did several bike stunts and excercises together with fitness vixen and TV personality Diane Castillejo. Now you've got to bring your bikes to Circulo Verde and try the course yourself. It's affordable, you've got places to run, bike and eat in one place. Make sure you bring your friends along, it's right behind Eastwood and you won't get lost, just follow the arrows to get there.

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Neptune's Trove Outs New Collection

A few people have already asked me today, "what's that on your wrist?" pointing at what seems to be something unusual other than the watches I've been wearing in events. I do get tired of the usual classic dials, mechanical and G-Shock watches which I wear on normal days.  Men don't really have options and I'm so glad I've stumbled upon Renan Mendoza's child project called Neptune's Trove.

As the name suggests, it's like a place where the king of the sea keeps his treasure. It's an apt description of these accessories that have been built by passion. He's been doing this for years now, and I have high respects to SME's that cater to men's accessories (especially startups) so when I saw his work, I felt so connected with it. I fell in love with the bracelets.  

Neptune's Trove can be ordered online via their Facebook page here. They also have this out in the market via UniQube PH (Third Floor University Mall in Taft Avenue, Manila), Style Central Concept Store (at 410 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Avenue, QC), the Shopee app (which I regularly use), Trend Zonia (very near San Sebastian College), Style Metro Boutique + Bistro (at Upper Ground, 20 Lansbergh Place, 170 Tomas Morato Ave. cor Scout Castor, Quezon City), Curators PH (Uptown Mall BGC) and @neptunestrove on IG and Viber via 09162117267. What I like most about it is that he doesn't complicate ordering these products and goes the mile neatly packing each item so it gets to you fast, and looking just like in these photos.

This paracord bracelet alternating black and blue with an accent crown in the middle is called AQUA. It's art of the Naturalis Collection that he made to signify the elements Air, Wood, Water (this one), Fire and Nature as accorded by it's color. It's arranged in a series of snake knots and this one looks exquisite whether you plan to wear something casual or for your summer outfits. It's stylish, and I would have been fooled to pay for this a little more than a thousand bucks, but no, his wares are actually affordable. You have the option to buy a lot from his store and get a variety of styles and colors even if you only had 500 pesos on your pocket. No joke!

Leather Bracelet with a Magnetic Clasp
The technology on these accessories just simply astounds me. The magnetic clasp sticks together with minimal effort and is available in Dark Brown, Light Brown, White and Black (my personal favorite). It's a bit more sleek, thinner in form so if you're a bit dressed up (coat and tie) you might as well have this underneath those sleeves. You can put them off and on easy too because it doesn't take that much force to pull them apart. This sticks together quite well especially on the core so don't worry too much if you have it on. Made with cowhide leather, this one connects already by the sheer mention of cow, kidding! But really, if you wanna stay classy, take this one on a date or a more formal look.

This is Molten. He combines hematite and onyx so it looks like it's on different shades of gray and black. He was inspired by the industrial era and metallic elements hence this look. For those who want it a tad shiny without being beady femme, this would definitely do.

I feel comfortable, and can imagine wearing this in casual events. Plus I believe it's even going to make you healthy as people say it charges the cells and promotes better blood circulation. Hematite has got a bit of magnet and perhaps that would do wonders for those who need it. They've got other things on the bead bracelet line, so head on to Neptune's Trove on Facebook, IG and check out the new things they have in store for you.

I've had the pleasure of wearing this Anchor Bracelet a couple of times now. The first one I had was in a different color and I was actually confused at first on how to wear it. Now the packaging includes short instructions which you need to make sure you do the adjustments right. It definitely will call attention because people love anything nautical. The Anchor is pretty symbolic too and people who get this should know who keeps them grounded, the special people in their life. That tells a lot of your personality, after all, you are what you wear! The fine design, all handmade, as they took their time making this special for you. You can feel the workmanship and care they put in each paracord and leather bracelet they made today.

Men need not to be too afraid to experiment. I've learned that years ago. You need to edit and don't be too eager because you might go overboard. Accessorizing should be simple, let them all shine in their own way, but remember these things only enhance your looks. These will look good on you because I've tried and tested them myself. You can even combine, switch them, tear them apart and whip up a new one and it's still going to look good on you. All you need to do now is feel which one fits your personality and get it from Neptune's Trove. I took the liberty of sharing their channels below, trust me, these things are not expensive. They are just in the right price point. Ladies, think of your husbands, boyfriends, male friends that would be happy to see these as gifts. Guys, you know you love these, take a few and put it on for kicks okay?!


For more information about their products:
Official GMA Artist Center
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Visit their official website