Adventure Time Says Goodbye

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fans of the show, you’ve probably heard or maybe seen it, but here it is on Philippine shores. Our favorite Cartoon Network show is now bidding adieu with a finale show called COME ALONG WITH ME which is a 4 part special happening on September 28, 2018 at 7:15PM. Now don’t you cry because this might end a little weird than your usual Adevture Time show. To start off the fun, Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King took to the streets of McKinley Hill in cooperation with Color Manila for the Adventure Time run last September 23. I didn’t go because I was tired LOL.

Anyway, their last quest takes them to the Land of Ooo, so get ready for other weird characters spinning wildly on quick sand portals, swashbuckling fight scenes, different powers, and even more powerful enemies as they defend their land against them.

If you wanna know more about the show, go visit their website and their Facebook page CartoonNetworkAsia . They will have more events in the coming months so of go sign up. Or better yet, stay in the comfort of your homes and watch in the couch via Cignal Digital TV Channel 220 (HD), Sky Direct Channel 15 (HD), SkyCable Channel 178 (HD), and Destiny Cable Channel 178 (HD Digital) because they have it all there too! They are saying goodbye, but make sure you’ll be there when they do it. Or else, I’ll hit you with my slammacow!

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The Revilla Brothers for TRES

Monday, September 24, 2018

Had so much fun listening to the answers of the cast of TRES, a trilogy movie with episodes 72 Hours, Virgo and AMATS. The film stars Jolo Revilla, Bryan Revilla and Luigi Revilla. This shows on October 3, so we're excited to see how they'll tell us about it. They want to actually see their Dad in the presscon just like before but with the ways things are, they are hopeful things will get better. Senator Bong gave them the opportunity to make this and the brothers felt it would have been better with him in it. They are proud to see him personally attending to the scripts, the scenes and even ask about it every time they visit him. They want you to watch it too, and here they share their thoughts about the movie.

Rhian says "It's not my first time working with the Revillas and we had TV shows together. Father and sons have similarities and they know to take charge in the set, everyone is comfortable and well fed in the set. We always meet in the set and he doesn't sleep. We come together as a family, we eat together and I usually just sleep on that. I learned a lot with guns because Jolo taught me, he was easy to talk to, I thought he was like a politician, and I was putting conclusions."

Jolo says "I don't sleep because I always make it a point to be there when they need me. We don't do that because that means money wasted. It was hard to do this because it is a trilogy, we couldn't believe it will happen. 72 hours, AMATS and Virgo are for different audiences, it's got something dark, something tough and something that talks about drugs, so in a way we are targeting everyone as an audience for this film. We will be visiting cinemas soon, so if you are watching our you will hopefully see us too. Rhian was so easy to work with and she's very professional. She is my first choice. There will be more of these films, you can expect that with IMUS productions."

Bryan says "We really have moments and hang out in his home and the energy is different in the set because of that. We deliver because we rehearse a lot, our director is an honest guy. Our Dad said it out of the blue, he looked for it and we were even out of shape at that time. This is going to be action packed."

Luigi says "We had to be leads in our own story, our Dad made it a point to do that so we could feel how it is to be in his shoes. It wasn't hard because they made us do the movie with our strengths. Yes unfortunately I kicked Markki Stroem in a scene and got his tooth off, it was very intense so we didn't knew until it happened. I watched my Dad do Panday, and saw it behind the scenes. I didn't know I would be in showbusiness, like my Dad and Lolo who are legends. We are here to help each other and we complement each other. Ms Assunta is also very professional and we had to do things for our characters."

Assunta says "I am the leader of a drug gang and I use people but Luigi's character made me fall in love. We both need each other and not in a good way. We both need to survive and this is a need for love, he has no choice and we fed off each other. We had so much fun and I think it's because it's like I'm one of the boys so it's impossible to link us in real life. It's important to ask help, we worked with real good directors if we very away from our characters and that is a good thing. Luigi did good for a first timer. I wanted to make him feel comfortable because it was his first time, I said sorry on his first torrid kissing scene because it was intense. We acted it out on the first day and I think it was Direk Dondon's way of making us comfortable with each other, to make the audience learn something from it. There is a story, it happens in real life and I hope they got that first, of what drugs do with people, not to take advantage. We do not have to be predators to the weak and vulnerable."

Myrtle says "It's an honor to work with with the new generation of Revillas. My character is a little too innocent, but falls in love with a drug addict, that's a different thing to attack."

Richard Sommes says "I had to look for their skillset as an actor, Bryan was tough, very bad @ss and a different kind of action hero. When we worked together we didn't have a script yet but it was made with him in mind, he's a rogue cop. I am a professional director, I deliver even with limitations, I work with deadlines and deliverables and it's all part of the plan. We dealt with guns and had to close donwn streets because we had a dragon dance scene we had to work with it."

So if you are still hungry for more of these good looking guys, take a moment, a few hours to watch the movie. Bryan Revilla is a revelation, I haven't seen him in years but the trailer alone is crazy intense.

I will watch this I promise. This is under IMUS Productions and released by ABSCBN CINESCREEN under Star Cinema.

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NATURACTOR Launches New Products

Saturday, September 22, 2018

NATURACTOR Make Up and Skin Cosmetics

Hello ladies! This one is for you. 

Went to Have Hotel this morning and got briefed a little about make up products. I personally don't use em but knowing this would be the best if you're a photographer and know when and why you should touch up when in a shoot. (Lusot). Anyway, the primary products they are launching is the Skin Care Cover Face (recommended color 152 for Filipino skin types), they had models who got dolled up using their lotions, skin cover so ladies would have make up that would not be dried up. Their product will make natural oil and water on your face stay longer. They got skin lotion and milk lotion,then let it on the face for 5 minutes before applying foundation. It covered real good.

Androlous Trinidad “Matsui Global Corporation would like to welcome you, our partner Meiko Cosmetics Japan and the makeup artists, bloggers and everyone who is here. We are new in the Philippines but have done this for 3 years and we want high quality products in the Philippine market.”

This is a milestone, they are now going launch NATURACTOR, and Meiko Cosmetics Color Collection in the Philippines. They initially started with skin care needs but now has done advanced research and used technology to get their consumers the best ingredients for their products. From Cover Face, Skin Care Collection and other products that they already have, we are winning the cosmetics game.

Hironobu Noguchi the Manager for Matsui Global Inc. went up on stage and told us about the tons of products they have on their line. There will be more soon and with their partnership with Meiko Cosmetics, everything will be possible. Imagine all those Japanese products you love will be here in the country. It's got spf too and anti aging properties so you'll get protected day and night.

Liquid Foundation

Loose Powder for make up prep work

Eye Color Palette if you feel like wearing different eye shadows on different days

BB Creams and Control UV

Lip Gloss and Lip Sticks

Eye Liner / Pencils

Naturactor Foundations

Skin Care Cover Face

Congratulations Matsui Global and Meiko Cosmetics!

These products are now available in SM Store kiosks, their department store and other major department stores in the Philippines.

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A Stellar Vivo V11 Launch

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Vivo just launched their flagship phone the Vivo V11 a few weeks ago and the occasion didn’t really disappoint when it comes to stars who were at the event that evening. Aside from the presentations, it was the well loved artists who came in and gave their thoughts about the phone who captured the attention of the public. This launch wouldn’t be stellar without their brand ambassadors. Check them out!

Julie Anne San Jose opened the show with a grand song number enjoyed even by the Chinese executives and press people

Asia’s RnB sensation KZ Tandingan was mobbed during her song number, some people even asked for video greets while she was singing.. she handled that with grace. She listens to her music using her trusty Vivo phone and it never got her in trouble even abroad!

Tall boy Darren Espanto got all the artists and country manager for Vivo in one shot. I wonder how much networth they had in this frame LOL

Super popular love team Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber gave their #MayWard fans a reason to cheer. Those kilig moments on stage was just enough to drive them crazy.

Iñigo Pascual smiled and swooned the ladies that evening. Really good singer!

Vern and Verniece Enciso all look glam and fashionable. They’ll show you how it’s done on their OOTD’s

Maris Racal, looking all so gorgeous in the holding room. Perfect time for an OOTD shot too.

Loisa Andallo dropped like a bombshell with her Vivo V11 on her hand

Daniel Padilla still got the blues

He sang on stage like a pro, congratulations on the 600 Million feat for THOUS :)

If the stars have it, wouldn’t it be nice for you to have one too? Exactly. Go get your own Vivo V11 now in stores nationwide!

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See You Tomorrow at the FREENIVERSAYA: A FREEnet Concert

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


If you haven't been paying attention, tomorrow is going to be a great day of music, fun and a stellar lineup of artists. We will be covering that too but before the actual festivities begin, let me tell you a few reasons why YOU should be there.

Current OPM Greats

Some of the Philippines' best OPM performers like Shanti Dope will be there, rap along his greatest hits including the popular NADARANG which I'm sure you'll love!

Tons of Prizes

There are special raffle prizes for people who will be at the Mall of Asia Arena on this day including a brand new Yamaha motorcycle, a trip to Taiwan, and One Million FREEnet points all for you. This will be done through a special edition Dailygaya Raffle Promo done during the concert.

Funny People

Hosting the event will be the world's most good looking guy Luis Manzano (you should pay me tomorrow), and the viral Makati lover Kaladkaren Davila (I kid) so this will really be a fun night!

So go now and get your points exchanged through the FREEnet App and if you get that text message, simply exchange through the nearest SM Tickets branch. Watch with me if you're there!

See you tomorrow!


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LJ Reyes Launches Wonder Jane

If you're looking for LJ Reyes lately and haven't seen her in GMA shows, there is a reason for that. She's currently 6 months on the way and very happily married. She has a few businesses also but this one is keeping her busy. She just launched a new line of hygeine products called WONDER JANE and we talked to her about it.

LJ says “Aki and I always travel and my kid always go on public toilets, this kit saved me a lot of times and this small so you can bring it with you anywhere. Wonder Jane is from my real name, Lorna Jane. I wanted it to be simple and not too elaborate in packaging. I have other businesses but this I am really involved from scratch, I want to also have refill bottles and baby products in the future. It is made in the country, I want kids to bring it outside in their bags so they learn not to be messy.”

Wonder Jane Hygeine Kit Php 850

Undercover Wash - a liquid soap with no artificial fragrance. A cleanser for all parts of your body, no joke!

The Bug Rescue is a repellant for mosquitoes, no more dengue for kids and adults too! Lighlty scented.

The Anti Stink Bomb is to leave the toilet smelling really fresh so the next user won't complain after you use it!

The Hand Sanitizer is for disinfection without drying your skin!

The Bum Shield is a disposable seat cover, so you won't get scared using public toilets anymore!

She adds “It is important that I get my ideas and concepts out. These products have been tested by my friends and families, hopefully everyone will love this kit, I hope it can reach everyone because I would love it. The website will be available this Friday. I hope they could get the Wonder Jane Travel Kit and make it part of their lives. You may order through and get supplies from there starting September 15.”

This is promising but I hope she gets to have this in physical stores and channels because the website might not be enough to get her product out there. I have friends who would love this, I'm sure you do too so tell them all about it!

Keep it clean!

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REMITLY Expands to More Countries

It’s 98 days before Christmas and of course Filipinos around the world are thinking of their families in the Philippines. With the way things are, they of course would want you to make this another year to remember and get that festive spirit and dinner taken cared of. I remember the time my Ninang sent me 20 dollars each Christmas and how happy I was to get my toys and stuff, but sometimes it gets stolen in transit for one or more reasons. 

These days we’re more than happy to use remittance services that are affordable, easy to understand and super safe. Honestly there’s no better opportunity to send money home than now where the exchange rate is very high. I’ve met some of the executives of REMITLY (an online money transfer company) as they start partnering with a local tech brand as they expand their services in the country. 

Matt Oppenheimer “I started Remitly to disrupt the 500 Billion remittance industry. With mobile growth we now have something scalable, we believe that we put the customer first to transform hundreds and millions of lives, serve and deliver on their promises. We’re just getting started.

In 2011 they launched in the Philippines with a service US to the Philippines only. They didn’t launch in other countries until they mastered the service. They acquired Talio and got a tracking system in place to send text messages, emails so you know where your money is anytime of the day. They also got scholarship grants for 500 students, got their feedback, improved the system even further. Now they have other 11 European countries, Canada, Australia and even cruise ships. They also donated money for disaster relief and saved 900 Million dollars in transfer fees because it was easier for them to pass on the company earnings to customers easing their ability to send money home. 

They are doing Geographic expansion, Product Expansion, even established a Manila Office with 400 employees (and is still growing). For those who don’t know Kuya Kim Atienza is their endorser, in his words “Being the face of Remitly is like giving back, I am here in the Philippines and spend enough time with my family but tons of Filipinos are abroad working, living alone, it’s not easy. This is how countless Filipinos do it. Initially I didn’t know what it is all about, I realised what good this is doing with Filipinos, thank you Remitly.” He even said the weather during the event! Hahaha!

Transactions according to them is 100% safe and their promise is to get you that money online in 5 seconds or less. They offer a very competitive rate for senders, no add on fees. There are tons of Filipinos around the world and this will be a good venue to send money from abroad. You should give this a try because their first transaction is completely FREE. Would you believe that?

Send money to me too if you’re not busy! LOL

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Luigi Revilla for TRES

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Luigi Revilla does action with his brothers on trilogy TRES

This is my first time to meet Luigi Revilla, the brother of Jolo and Bryan. He's the son of Senator Bong Revilla and Lovely Guzman. Albeit coming from different moms, he was never treated as such and so when TRES was pitched for production they knew it had to include this guy. According to him, if his Dad says he's got to do this film, he will do it. It was so nice to see him in good spirits. 

Luigi says "I am doing a part of the movie called "AMATS", thank you for being here. I was studying so I wasn't around that much in showbusiness so I concentrated in my studies. I finished entrepreneurship in Enderun College. Right now I am learning the ropes of a few businesses I do with my wife. In AMATS, it has double meaning. It either has to do with dru9s or women. He's an addict, Assunta's character got him into the circuit. She's like a cougar, and I also am battling it out with Ronwaldo Martin's character here. My love interest here is Myrtle Sarroza, he fell in love and tried to get back on track. We feel these stories are apt for the third installment of TRES, and our directors have different styles but we all get along especially while we were doing this episode. What I want to tell you is that we all have something to give, I wouldn't say being a blackbelter would be an advantage, it's more of a strength and I hope people would love it."

He adds "AMATS is different, 72 hours is Bing Revilla esque, my brother Bryan is dark and his acting comes out. AMATS is more millennial, not much explosions but fast paced moves utilizing my skills. I always go to him and talk about the scenes, I like his style because we get to be inspired by music we also use to motivate actors on the scenes. I had a scene here with Markki Stroem and he lost his tooth when I kicked him in the face, props to him he was so professional and it was accidental. It was one big fight scene and that happened, unfortunately."

It was hard to do the drama scenes especially portraying a druggie, he says his Dad gave him good words so he would look better on screen.

On his brothers he says "We first saw each other during the wake of my grandma, I think it was God's plan that we meet in Boracay and every Sunday since we get together, I am so blessed that even Tita Lani accepted me from day 1. She never made me feel out of place, I love Tita Lani and I am blessed they accepted me in the family and now we are so close. My wife and Tita Lani are also very close, I am so happy that happened."

Luigi is a young Dad, he wanted to have a son early. He wanted to be a family oriented guy so he could spend time with family, he wanted to become like his Dad and the type of person he is. With this movie, he hopes to get that it opens up doors of opportunities for him and his brothers so they could make more films and help people behind the scenes too. He prays that his Dad continues to be strong, he doesn't want him to be free so he could be with all of them and make up for the years that he hasn't been able to be there because of circumstances. He's thankful for the opportunity to work with his brothers and until now he feels he is dreaming.

I hope the industry accepts them with open arms so they could enjoy something they love to do, acting. They would gladly do the legwork, his Dad is very hands on from the people who are doing this film and he wants to one day work with his Dad, hopefully soon. 

Good luck Luigi!

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Be Ready For Gabay Guro 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

This is ther 11th year and they will not stop. 1,500 scholarship grants, 400 classrooms, more partner schools, several topnotchers, thousands of teachers from different provinces in the Philippines who benefited in this PLDT Smart Foundation led project. Training, livelihood, scholarships, computerization and innovation to help teachers get other sources of income so they too can be leaders in their own schools. Now there are wifi hotspots in schools, educational facilities, even in calamity stricken areas they are now present. Now students are getting quality education they deserve and even teachers get proper training and other courses so they can cope with technology and skills that come with it. The event also has become one of the biggest in the country and they want to bring this to other parts of the country. There is also a Gabay Guro App so news and features are communicated wherever they are. They also want to get teachers to start their own livelihood, so they have other sources of income, building the nation one teacher at a time. This they say is very important so they are doing this for all our educators.

Mother, wife Shay Cabalo Revilla says “We would like to invite you all on September 23 at the MOA Arena, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Randy Santiago, Gabbi Concepcion, Sharon Cuneta, Gary Valenciano, his kids, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Andrew Wolf, Jona and a lot more (surprise love teams!). They will be raffling off a car, a house, motorcycles, a van, equipment, TV’s and GC’s all for teachers. PLDT SMART will also be giving broadband kits, cellphones and groceries. There are tons of private companies that helped chip in to make this the biggest event ever.

Recently they have been able to receive a grant of 57,000 USD from Stanford University and this will go to scholars and facilities in different parts of the country. She added “We were shortlisted from different NGO’s and charities, and this is just over and beyond what we imagined. We help put up structured educational facilities in crisis areas and that will be prioritized like recent typhoons.

They have already done different events in different provinces and we have been able to give the same entertainment as we will also have here. We will be providing connectivity, mobile libraries, computers, so it could go out to far flung barangays and give access to people. This is an opportunity to help kids, teachers, and they connect with partners so they could earn more with their time. They are already running out of tickets and this is why they will also bring Gabay Guro to their own areas.

Gabbi Concepcion took the stage and said “My mom is a teacher and I know how important they are in our lives. We got to see teachers and just seeing them happy is enough for me. I enjoyed the tours in the province and I advise kids to love their teachers as they act as their second parents. If ever I will sing with Sharon I am okay, I am really waiting for that to happen. We haven’t talked about it yet. I will support Gabay Guro as much as I can.”

So teachers make sure to be there on the 23rd, this will be big!

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