AIA Showcases Keys to Excellent Customer Experience: Tech Groundwork, AI and Personal Service

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Fresh as a mornings brew, AIA showcased their digitalization movement this year. An insightful way on introducing how they innovate in their goal of building healthier, stronger and better lives. 

AIA CEO Kelvin Ang says "Welcome to our second face to face meeting as we share what we have been doing after the pandemic. There's a lot of things we worked on and some of you may ask why we are doing this, it's because we want you to witness the people that have been part of our growth and a big announcement last year as we rebranded to AIA. The need to change constantly has been something that happened especially on the digital side. We are in better position to embrace the future especially in the technology, digital l, and data analytics. We used to have so many layers, we restructured it so we can work faster. We have started this in the company and the work we do with agile tribes. In our 75th year we need to start thinking about embracing change and improvement. Learning is a big part in our organization, make it sustainable, expand further and deeper. We have community, bots, an innovation culture in our organization."

He adds "In the past we used to have processes that took two weeks, now it can be done in 20 minutes. We want to make it easier for our customers. We continued to improve our customer portal online, and this year we spent a lot building sales platform to better assess their needs versus our products. It was done on Facebook messenger and fulfill our mission to make it accessible and more affordable. The one we're sharing today is something that is fun and practical, something from our innovation lab. Plus the new distribution to make it accessible and affordable like our other products."

Chief Technology Officer Noel Mendoza explains "The best worst thing that happened in technology was the pandemic, people had to adapt in a faster pace. Everything had to be changed, and it has changed the way consumers get products and services. What we want to share is the things we need to do in the office. It's very different, as customers demand more and to be able to listen to them. It allows us to attune to customers needs today. This will change over time, and this is our innovation program. Our lab makes us understand what is possible, it's where we see what's relevant in the market. We will give you a taste of that and why automation is important."

Dwayne Tin the Innovation and Automation Lead of AIA says "We are not a physical lab, we enable everyone from CEO to customer to have a voice. It's a virtual representation of what we try to be. In a minute you can do a tour to experience how it is to be part of innovation on ground."

The consumers are vital for technology to reach goals. Improvement needs feedback to see what works and what doesn't. Interacting with customers made them learn to discover and combine things in an automation process. The chat bots was made with the customer in mind, to start conversations that are usually asked, like payments and or policy updates especially if they want to information now. It also is manned by digital workers to provide services fast, without queues, send it to you even with multiple policies in tow. Now it just isn't queries they answer, they do transactions and can do it also on My AIA for more secured ones. It also gives customers the ability to understand the costs without being too shy about asking an actual person, even just on messenger you can already accomplish things. It allows in person conversation to a minimal, so they too can concentrate on those what matters most.

Thank you to everyone who showed us around their offices this morning. Really appreciate it!

AIA Philippines want this to be better, to make sure they can build more things to help more customers in the future. That's a noble thing.


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