Papa Obet Releases Second Christmas Single "REGALO"

Friday, November 04, 2022

Looks like Papa Obet is going to make Christmas even sweeter as he launches his second single, a timely one at that called REGALO.

Papa Obet says "It's not just every Christmas but I've always wanted to do songs and record them but it's just too difficult when the pandemic hits. For me, it's magical to do Christmas songs, to listen to them, it just sets you into the mood no matter what day it is. I base the songs from different artists, I get inspired from them as I've been always a classic guy. It's just attacked in different words and lyrics, plus the music arrangement is now going to be Gen Z like. It's going to be different. I initially made this with the chorus first, and said to myself that if ever I needed to make a whole song, I'll have this in hand. It's for a loved one, for those who are at work, for those who cannot celebrate Christmas at home with their families. My favorite line is "Sana ngayong Pasko, kahit wala akong regalo magkasama naman sana tayo!" (I wish this Christmas even if I don't have a gift, we'd be together!)."

He adds "If ever people want to give me gifts, I only ask for toys. It's what makes me happy, I hope I could have those that I don't have in my collection yet. I grew up not having any when I was a kid and now that I'm earning a bit, I would want to have vintage ones and re-issues, I feel it's very fulfilling to have that. I wish I would have time to go to Toy conferences but I just have no time since I have full time work. I wish to have toy hunts also abroad soon, that's on my wishlist. Aside from that, I'd want a house and lot, a home for me, my family, my parents so that I could give them comfort now that they're on their senior years."
Here's our interview with him this afternoon:

Papa Obet and says he's thankful about the help he's getting from GMA Music, Sparkle and people who have always been there with his music journey. For those who fancy something that would touch your Christmas memories, something that would make you remember family, friends, loved ones, go to Barangay LS 97.1 on FM radio. You can also download it off streaming sites. This is under GMA Music.


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