KRISPY KREME Opens Blue Ridge Branch in Quezon City + HALLOWEEN Donuts!

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Folks at the Katipunan -Eastwood and Blue Ridge areas should be jumping for joy as the good folks from Krispy Kreme just set up a Krispy Kreme Factory Branch at Blue Ridge (along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City). This means it'll be easier to get those lovely, soft, pillowy donuts that's loved by so many right here in the north.

For those who don't know, a Factory Branch is different from the usual Krispy Kreme kiosk you see in malls and establishments. This means that the store caters to the area, cooking donuts fresh so you get the best ones when you go to a Krispy Kreme branch near you. 

I made these! :) One is a garden, a monster, and a flower bed.

During the event, they also had us make our own Krispy Kreme donuts, and since it was Halloween, the 2 floor space of this store was full to the brim of other bloggers and influencers dressed as their favorite character for the season. Krispy Kreme also arranged several performances from real deal actors and actresses a whole musical filled with our favorite songs from Broadway to Disney.

Here's what happened on video (please watch closely as we're featuring the different donuts they have for Halloween that is available on a limited time):

We also got to talk to the Chief Operating Officer Sonny Tiong from Krispy Kreme Philippines and here's what he said about the new store!

Oh and when you see the HOT LIGHT turn "ON" on this particular branch, you can get a FREE glazed donut on the house (for those who are also buying of course!). The cute Halloween themed donuts will only be there for a limited time so make sure you get them all. They serve coffee, juices and other beverages too, so make the trip down Katipunan Avenue to get them fresh off the factory! Look for the Krispy Kreme bow tie sign, you wouldn't miss it!


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