Globe Announces Milestones and Blackpink Promos at Innovation Fest

Thursday, November 03, 2022

One like in a post, one look in a wishlist, things that make us feel how we care... that's what Globe wants to happen. During the Globe Innovation Fest 2022 this morning held at Globe's Virtual Hangouts, they got BGC, their Cebu and Davao offices connected to celebrate as one in a nationwide celebration.

Globe goes beyond providing a need, they're a telco partner that takes care of you along with the people who matter to you. They champion innovation, provide care and kindness. Ernest Cu says "You have witnessed the services we provide the Filipino people, connecting you to the world. Mobile phones became a powerful tool and we recognize the value of our customers, we want to strengthen our ties. Our customer first mindset had us create wonderful experiences for out clientele. We are harnessing technology to serve more sectors, make it inclusive, easier, faster and more convenient. Virtual Hangouts is our metaverse campus, where you can do more about your passion. We can't do this without your support."

Globe's Cheif Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira says "Wondeerful is something we hope for everyday and we strive to do that and make it a commitment. It's a simple sentence, but it's what we want for our customers. This year we faced a lot of challenges but we have mobilized Alagang Globe through Globe Rewards and we raised 6.9 Million to feed the hungry. We have new ways to take care of each other."

Tennis Phenom Alex Eala says "The Hapag Movement has been feeding a lot of Filipinos that are experiencing involuntary hunger (100 thousand families to date), and with Globe Rewards, we can help feed them if you donate through your rewards points. You can do this now on the Globe One App."

It's not just about innovating, but getting the needs of the nation and Globe is being ahead of its time. Anne David, Anna Baldos, Moriah Ganzonand Pete Fernandez  from Globe were there to answer questions.

TM Bayan Fiber Wifi was also announced, to give access to education, gaming, entertainment. For 50 pesos, you get unlimited wifi for 3 days. Small business owners can now become TM Bayan so people can access it much easier. You don't have to wait for a G Fiber plan, you can get connected for as quick as 24 hours. Just go online, pay for the plan and you'll get the connection. Fiber to the room technology also gives you uninterrupted wifi connection without lags. Globe also partnered with Google to do digital skills training with certificates on Coursera. Globe and NABU are also working on books in regional languages, they are giving access to it to change lives.

As for Globe, they just got an Opensignal Award for 5G Gaming. They also became a partner for ESGS where 30K people came to participate. Globe also got Globe Prepaid to do hypercasual games through GoGAMES on the Globe One App. Subscribers can get points just by being on the top. You can use these for discounts on your bill, essentials. MetaverseGo's CEO Ash Mandhyan says "Globe is the perfect partner to have as they are innovative. The fact that they can own assets on MetaverseGo platform, there's an opportunity for Filipinos to earn from it."

Globe also presented the relaunched 0917 Lifestyle brand with a whole fashion show, they've got pretty good merch. I like the oversized shirts and sweaters. I like the oversized shirts and sweaters. KPOP and KDrama fans on the other hand will get romance in their lives as they go global with Disney+, Blackpink where subscribers can join promos and get reinvent kits (with Blackpink merch) so make sure you follow Globe and KmmunityPH. Globe's Strategic Sponsorships & Partnerships Manager Denisse Arao says  "There are going to be more than one Born Pink Promo exclusive to Globe Customers so this Born Pink Tour is really big. We will announce all the Born Pink Tour promos in the KmmunityPH group and Globe's!"

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