Thursday, November 17, 2022

You've seen him on videos, he got viral on TikTok, and I must say, this is the first time I'm seeing them all in the flesh. DJ Loonyo has been in my radar for a little over 2 years as he's been very active on social media. He's also adored by so many, and he took that trip home from working in China to take his opportunities in the Philippines and now, together with some of his closest artist friends in the industry and re-invent himself to bring you all to LOONYOVERSE. 

What kind of place is Loonyoverse? It's DJ Loonyo and his foray to PPOP. From what I've seen and heard, they hold a lot of promise and they've got dance all figured out.

DJ Loonyo says "If you wanna be an idol, you have to put yourself out there, your branding, because that's what they look for. The choreography is different, we made the music, the visuals, the choreography and this is a dream, we know we can create something great this December 8."

Loonyoverse is pretty much a movement, something he thought about in recent months after wearing so many hats. He's a very spirited dancer, choreographer, dance judge, DJ, Actor, leader and businessman. This is a synergy, a thing he plans to do in three phases and begins with this alien idea to begin his PPOP journey. He learned a lot from his recent stint discovering talents and from his fellow judges in the show that if he wants change and challenge in his career, he had to do it himself. He's not going at this alone though because in order to lift others up, he talked to A63's Mannex Manhattan, Amari, Freshbreed, Yuki Takahashi, Ken San Jose, and genius music producer Solomon Stark. They're ready to do a convert in a 360 degree view stage this coming December 8th at the Matrix Creations Events Venue in Malakas Street in Diliman, QC. This will be a time to let you in on Loonyoverse: They Made Me Do It!, to discover new songs that they will all get to perform on this date, and if you're a fan, you probably have caught the teasers already on his social channels. I've personally watched the performances yesterday, and by any standard, it was world class!

Here's our interview with DJ Loonyo and the other artists, listen in!

Tickets are being sold now and costs only Php 1000 - Php 2000 for the VIP (and will be sold on site). You can also check DJ Loonyo's social channels on where to get it earlier. He's got new PPOP music, and honestly, I like what I heard. Their choreography is crazy and you should see it yourself. 

I would.


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