Queen of Feng Shui Marites Allen Enters Metaverse, Launches New Book on Year of Water Rabbit

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

It's been a while since we've seen Ms. Marites Allen in person. She's been to the UK and different parts of the globe to share her knowledge in Feng Shui and this time, she's doing quite differently. Donned in a Rabbit Cape ensemble  made by Dexter Alazas (inspired by Marites Allen's Golden Zodiac), she shared how we all could take advantage of the Year of the Water Rabbit this 2023.


What's up with the coming Year of the Water Rabbit this 2023? 

Ms. Marites Allen chimes in on what you could look forward to if you're an avid fan of Feng Shui. 2020 was a year of new beginnings. 2021 was the year of vaccinations, 2022 was a year of breakups while this year is about "Letting Go!" The center is love star, so if you want to let go, this is the opportune time for that.

She says "In the last 2 and a half years, I was approached by the largest publisher in the UK and they are publishing my Chinese Astrology book this January, you can pre order now on AMAZON UK. This will also be released in the US and the Philippines later in the year. This is the first time I had to be away from my children because they are growing, I have my planner. If you are born in the year of the horse, you will be rich this year. The best seller Almanac with lucky days and months is now also bundled with books with special mantras, this was very helpful for me. This include a lot of secrets you can take advantage of for the year of the Water Rabbit."

She adds "The rabbit needs to be careful because of the illness star. In 2023, if you are boar, dog, a father, you will be a little challenged this year until 2024. The next 20 years will be more for women. We cannot just rely on Feng Shui, we need to work hard to make sure things are good for us. We will be an online event on December 17 and 18. Our book is going to be available on Amazon UK. We will also enter the Metaverse, a first of its kind." 

Feng Shui Enters Metaverse

If you avidly follow what she's doing every year, you know there's bound to be something new up her sleeves. She has officially been the first to officially do this in the country. She's on her infancy in entering the Metaverse. During this year's annual Feng Shui forecast (which will happen on December 17 and 18), she will be launching her Golden Zodiac books (all 12 of them) which will contain a new AR function wherein you can proudly see your own symbol just by scanning the QR code on the book itself. 

You can purchase the books bundled together with the Planner and Almanac which is already available at https://frigga.com.ph/collections/books. They will also be rolling out Golden Zodiac through KALOSCOPE to begin issuing NFT's (which also has value) in order to get perks, access to exclusive events, discounts on the Frigga shop and discounts on private consultations with the Queen of Feng Shui Marites Allen.

The 2023 Feng Shui Planner, Personal Horoscope Books

If you want to have a detailed guide for the on where to place things in your house, the Feng Shui Planner is essential. The Personal Horoscope Books will also be good for reading without the need to pass through other signs as this is now in separate books. You can give this to friends, family who might need the same love and help that Ms. Marites Allen provides.

You can now purchase these items at the Frigga.co.uk or Frigga.com.ph sites or through Lazada. Tickets to her event on December can also be bought through the same websites mentioned. You can also call them via 09209509390 if you have inquiries about the event. You can also follow her social media channels as updates about this and the guides are posted there on a regular basis. This is just the glimpse of what's to come with Ms. Marites Allen, proving she's not just the Queen of Feng Shui, but of innovations as well.


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