MOIRA DELA TORRE Says Who Wins at "The Great 0% Interest Festival"

Sunday, November 20, 2022

You've seen it happen, and it's still happening as Home Credit Philippines launched the 0% interest sale across the country. With "The Great 0% Interest Festival", people can now have their wish lists ticked among the multitude of products they can get on installment during this holiday season. The newest Home Credit brand ambassador and Queen of emotional songs Moira dela Torre just appeared on a new campaign video released on Home Credit's official social channels particularly Facebook and YouTube.

In it, she gets to be the judge for the newest reality singing competition in town called "Buy-dol Philippines". They showcased what's new, what's hot, and what you can get during the Great 0% Interest Festival. The holidays certainly calls for that, and if there's a certain time to get those high ticket items and gifts for your loved ones, it's certainly today!

Let's see how the lovely Moira found some of the contestants shine on stage! There's a lot of them who surprised us, like OMG!

It was special to see belters, rock acts, a whole enchilada of artists tell us what to expect in their special sale. Then they begin telling what they were sold on, and in the end announced who won the competition. 

It's YOU!, especially if you take your pick in over 50,000 products you need in your life right now. From laptops, cellphones, devices from the biggest brands in the country, you can get them in easy payment terms. Go download the Home Credit app on Google Play to see how you can have your own dream gadgets without the use of cards... because what, it's 2022!

There's a lot of other fun ways to shop, but not all offer 0% interest rates. It only will last until January 31st, plus they're SEC and BSP licensed. Make sure you take the trip to appliance centers in malls, shops, partner establishments that have Home Credit stations inside so you can get that lovely item you've always wanted NOW. Download the app today here!

If you want to know more about it, go follow Home Credit's official Facebook, IG and TikTok accounts because they update quite regularly. 

Now I'm in the mood to shop!


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