Cignal Entertainment Does Showbiz Caravan: A Proper Thanksgiving and for Charity

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Had a wonderful time talking to stars from Cignal/TV5 shows Sing Galing Kids, Sing Galing, Suntok Sa Buwan, Oh My Korona, Kalye Kweens, Now Zending, Reelverse and several other programs from the Kapatid network. They've been doing a showbiz caravan visiting several spots in Mega Manila to bring entertainment and thank everyone who supported their shows. Some of them are already ending, so it's an apt thing to do for those who contributed to their success. We talked to Zendee, Marimar, Ms. K Brosas, Jessy Salvador, Paulo Angeles and Pooh who also had a mall show later that day for the same purpose.

We talked about a lot of things including their experience about being on the show and working with other actors during the locked in taping and the pandemic. It's a pretty neat sight to get to know how they survived some of the most difficult circumstances like when Sing Galing was airing and Zendee had COVID-19. She was adamant to finish her work despite difficulty breathing, I was at awe on how she was able to do that. Here's our interview with her and Marimar that afternoon.

The Showbiz Caravan was pretty well received over at Starmall in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. They were there from November 17 to 19 to the delight of mall goers, shoppers and fans of the shows. They also did a portion where they get to sing with the stars and prizes went to a charity for the benefit of Kids of National Children’s Hospital and to a baby named Aaron who is a 7-year-old patient with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. That was certainly touching to see. 
Ms. K Brosas touched on a topic about Ms. Kris Aquino and how she was able to give her advise about accepting praises, and thanks as a celebrity. That part really made sense, and touching how their friendship has lasted all throughout these years.

Jessy Salvador (Maja Salvador's sister) talked lengthily about their show Oh My Korona which she says had her comedy acting chops tested during the whole show. She was glad Pooh was instrumental in making her better in the genre and hope she'll get to do drama shows in the future. Pooh on the other hand shared his experiences on working with his co-actors and how blessed he was despite the hardships of the pandemic, the lack of work, and how he was still blessed. Listen in!

Then on the other side of the venue, we got to talk to Paulo Angeles. Such a fine gentleman. Good looking, but never thought of himself as a matinee idol material. He often was playing a playful lad, partnered with different love interests, but wants a more dramatic role next time. Here's what we talked about during the press conference:

The finale episodes of Oh My Korona will air on November 26 while the grand finals of Sing Galing Kids and regulars will air on December 3 and 10 respectively. The Suntok Sa Buwan ending on the other hand will air on December 8th, while Kalye Kweens will end on Christmas eve. You can watch it on the date or re-runs if you use the Cignal Play app,. it's actually free so no need to burden yourself watching the shows especially for PH subscribers. Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you all! You've done good.


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