Megan Young for Megan Beauty

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The epitome of grace, elegance, and being humble, that's exactly what Megan Young is. Of all the encounters I've had with her covering events and showbiz interviews, she's up there with the best and I believe it has been one of the reasons why she won Miss World 2013. It has been one elusive crown that the Philippines has never won and til now, she's hosted the show several times and still connecting with the organization. 

Recently in one of her vlogs, she was seen taking a few minutes doing her beauty regimen, a time to take care of herself with a peel off mask, an eye gel patch and facial foam wash from beauty brand Megan. She was adamant how effective it was and told the benefits of each product. Back then, she wasn't an endorser yet and when folks from Lifestrong Marketing Inc., they figured this was the opportune time to make her the brand's endorser.

The executives know she's the perfect representation of Megan Beauty. Megan has always been a champion for women empowerment and making true sense of "beauty with a purpose". If you would like to know more about her and her campaign, head on to Megan Beauty social channels as her endorsement involves various materials like photos and videos specifically made for those who believe they too can achieve the same.

I personally love their masks and now, it's got more meaning with Megan Young on board. Congratulations to Megan and Megan Beauty! It's about time!


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