Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño for CALL ME PAPI

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

5 of some of the hunkiest guys in the Philippines in one film? Yes, it is possible! This comes as CALL ME PAPI will be shown on theaters this coming December 7th, nationwide! This stars Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño. It's a full blown barkada film, so if you've got friends that stick with you through thick or thin, you'll definitely find yourself in one of the characters.

A Filipino Barkada film, CALL ME PAPI stars Enzo Pineda, Lharby Policarpio, Royce Cabrera, Aaron Concepcion and Albie Casiño

Times are tough for films this year but they're raring to have this shown during the holidays. This is the opportune time to do it because this film was delayed because of pandemic restrictions, it took them over 3 years to finish it. It's a tale of 5 men from different walks of life, all of whom would be testing the bonds of friendship, and camaraderie. Have you ever heard of "friends being family you choose?", that's exactly how this one goes, but there's more to their individual struggles that will be told in the film.

Check out what happened during the press conference last week:


Seasoned actresses Katya Santos and Irma Adlawan will also be joining the cast. Anya Aguilar will play the girlfriend of Albie Casino in the film.

Enzo says "My character is a little artsy, but always end up with the wrong women, like some who are married, and struggled finding out what relationships are and if it does make him happy."

Royce says "I play Lito in the film. He is a hard worker, a call center agent, and does every odd job imaginable just to put food on the table."

Albie adds "I play the character of Bret, who's a waiter, a man who's going through life and survive daily struggles. His life is going to change once that he finds out that he has to take care of a baby, who's mom left behind."

Lharby plays Mario, a call center agent, who's a man's man. He takes care more of his peers rather than just himself. He doesn't go out much, and just stays at home after work. He also contributes for the expenses of his family, doing his best to help his papis all the time.

Aaron Concepcion plays Roy, a farmer, someone from the province who wanted to just help his family. There will be a twist on his professional career, which will affect not just his friends, but his family too.

Life may have been very complicated for these 5 guys, but it would be nice to see how the dynamics of their friendship would solve their problems, how one would be able to help one another or break down in shambles when you need them most. I hope this gives a glimpse on the lives of Filipino guys that are not toxic, and puts a lot of importance on their peers, to hopefully help each other out in times of trouble.

This will really be a huge challenge for production, and the cast to bring this message across. I pray they get noticed for awards as this has got a solid concept and story. This is also dedicated to the film's producer Shandii Bacolod who passed away a day before the shoot was done. This is also directed by Dr. Alvin Yapan. She made remarkable work especially for this project because she believed in the material, the cast too. Again, if you would like to see a feel good Filipino barkada film, give CALL ME PAPI a visit on theaters this coming December 7th. Bring your friends!


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