JL, Biogesic and Unilab for a Healthier Philippines

Saturday, November 26, 2022

The word "Ingat" resonated with so many Filipinos, more so during the pandemic as health suddenly became so much of a priority (for obvious reasons). Biogesic and Unilab recently reminded us that getting sick could actually affect anyone at anytime, and during these times... there should be "Alagang Walang Pinipili". The feeling and act of unconditional care for others has always been their call. Then on this day, they also renewed their ties with the main man, John Lloyd Cruz. When he looks at you and said "Ingat" with those eyes, things get better.

This time he's taking the point across to more Filipinos, together with that signature salute of his, he's going to communicate how it is to be in a state where there's "Alagang Walang Pinipili". He says "It's had not to feel the care and support of the people you work with at Unilab. They always want to know how you are, how you are doing, and ask you what you want to do. Now our connections get even deeper. Especially now on their 50th year!"

Unilab Corporate VP Alexander Panlilio adds "We believe in the care and quality healthcare we provide for every Filipino family.  Biogesic has always been synonymous with the "Ingat" tagline which John Lloyd does in our messages. This time we want to strengthen our connections with "Alagang Walang Pinipili" just like what he experienced with us at Unilab."

This is a commitment from Unilab and Biogesic. If you want to know more about their campaign, check out their YouTube channel via youtube.com/c/biogesicph.


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