EFFITIX Now in the Philippines

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Pets are all part of the family. They bring so much joy which to me is priceless and can never be replaced. Taking care of them is essential, and these days we can never be too complacent as a simple mosquito bite would carry disease, but now there's something that can prevent that.
Pharma company Virbac knows how the Philippines need solutions for animal health. This is why they are bringing in Effitix, a topical solution for canines so they won't get tick or flea infestations. This also could save them from heartworms as it repels mosquitoes which cause these problems too, and can do it in a span of 4 weeks. 

Dr. Remil Galay a professor of Veterinary Medicine from the UPLB says "Dogs can be sick by pathogens from tick bites. Based in our studies Ehrlichia Canis is the most common detected in the Philippines. A study published last year include Ricketsia, Lice, we need to keep this off our dogs. There are a lot of methods you can employ, like soaps and shampoos, but that doesn't last after washing. The protection doesn't last long. Fipronil remains effective in killing brown dog ticks. There are new drugs combined with it which gives stronger killing effects, additionally prevent resistance to one drug. It is also shown effective in different kind of ticks."

Dr. Sheila Chavez who is the Technical Assistant Manager for Companion Animals from Virbac Philippines showed how to apply the topical solution to pets. She broke off the top, put the liquid and lathered it onto the skin (not the hair).

Journalist Gretchen Malalad wore the fur Mommy hat during the event and talked about how she took care of her fur babies. She rescue cats and dogs, put some of them for adoption. She also neuter and spays them to prevent animal abandonment. Being a dog lover, she had one of her dogs always play and run with her, though one day, the doggie got too tired. She got him to a vet, but when his blood tests came, he had heartworms. It was a long treatment, took 6-8 months and regular checkup. She used Effitx to also rid him of ticks and lice too. She also tried it on her other dogs and saw it was clearly effective. She wanted to have known about it before her doggie got sick, she's glad Effitix is now in the country.

This also kills them within 24 hours and still work even if they take a bath, shampoo, a dip in a pool and usual activities. They come in pipettes so it's easier to apply on our best friends to keep our cute little doggies safe from harmful parasites. It's only for doggos eight weeks old and above and comes in different sizes since dogs don't come in one size. This is good news for those keeping their pets at home, and you can get them starting December 16 via authorized online pet stores and  probably shops and clinics by February next year. You may check pH.virbac.com for more information about the topical solution they offer. You can also follow their social channels @VirbacPH on FB and @virbac_philippines on IG because they update often there.

Effitix costs Php 345 for the 4-10kg size, and for the 10-20kg size costs Php 365. They also have a promo on December giving free brush with shampoo container. (Will be announced on social channels soon) so stay tuned!

Of course, consult your vet at all times. 


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