Lifebuoy + PH Red Cross Celebrates World Handwashing Month

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Have you already washed your hands before reading this article? Well you should! It's World Handwashing Month and proper hygiene should be automatic.  Aside from that, wearing a mask and sanitizing your work space should not be just lip service, but a thing that you should do on a regular basis especially since there's still COVID-19 out there with all its variants.

Ann Esteves the Unilever Philippines Personal Care Business Lead says "We have been working together with the Philippine Red Cross since last year for pandemic response and done remarkable studies about handwashing educational materials through kits we provide in vaccination centers, labs, isolation facilities and testing centers". She adds "This is the time of face to face classes and we want them to be in a safe learning environment. We are empowering not just the students, but teachers as well."

 October 15 marks the Global Handwashing Day and this initiative by both Lifebuoy and the Philippine Red Cross is to make sure students have access to the best information about hygiene practices and educational materials for it. In their campaign, students from over 50 schools were challenged to  #DoTheLifebuoy and it has been very successful in Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Baguio, Nueva Ecija, Albay, Palawan and other cities and provinces too.

Former Senator and Philippine Red Cross Chairman/CEO Richard Gordon says "It's a must to teach proper hygeine in schools, tons of diseases come from dirty hands and improper hygeine. We need to improve the cleanliness in schools, right where they're teaching kids the essentials. We hope this reaches a lot of people and start practicing as early as now." 

To know more about this, visit Lifebuoy and the Philippine Red Cross Facebook page as they've got more information about it. Let no one be left behind!


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