IZA CALZADO and LG Philippines Urges LG Home Upgrades

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

LG Philippines announces Iza Calzado as the newest LG Brand Ambassador!

It's only 40 days to go (as I'm writing this) and I guess it's time to re-imagine the holidays with LG Philippines as they offer their greatest home appliances this Christmas.

LG Philippines Managing Director Inkwun Heo says "As we get very close to Christmas, we know Filipinos love to celebrate the holidays and we have new appliance models and products that is best for your homes this year. We hope you enjoy these offers as you update your homes into smart ones, especially this season."

Mr. Jillian Yap the Senior Product Marketing Manager for LG Philippines says "It's nice to see you all today. We have new refrigerator products that's got LG Instaview Door in Door features (knock twice and you can save energy because you can see inside without opening the refrigerator). Consumers are very careful in buying high ticket items because during the pandemic they got cautious. They are willing to pay more if they trust the brand as they have safety, quality. They also want it to look good if they want to put something in the kitchen. LG refrigerators have the highest brand awareness, 10 year warranty on compressors, Linear Cooling (only have temperature fluctuate +-5), Hygeine Fresh+ that eliminates bacteria, sleek design in our products. LG fits the Filipino kitchen. It also prolongs the the freshness of the food."

The gorgeous Ms. Iza Calzado agreed as it was a priority for her to make sure that each food item she prepares for herself, her husband and family should be fresh. As an expecting mother, it'll be doubly hard if she goes to the supermarket often while taking care of a baby and storing food for a longer amount of time will deem essential when the time comes. I was so happy to see her, as it's been a while since I was able to talk to her (and remember Culion). With a short chat and a little beso, she radiated how intensely down to earth she was and I must say, I wasn't the only one witnessing that. No wonder chose her to be their brand ambassador!

LG makes your smart home even more powerful with the ThinQ app. You can control pretty much any smart LG appliance from your mobile or even the TV.

Congratulations LG Philippines!

 If you want to know more about LG and their newest products, go head on to the LG Philippines Facebook page and Instagram account as they announce more products on sale during the holidays! Take advantage of it!


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