First Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Certified Studio Opens in the Philippines

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I've heard that line before, but these guys did it.

They are called Waxiefied Sound Productions and recently, they have been able to get Home Entertainment Studio Certification from Dolby Atmos. A first in the country. They invited us to see the actual facility, with strict instructions not to touch equipment as each piece is measured and angled to a T, with laser precision and all.

Waxie G. Joaquin the founder of Waxiefied Sound Productions and Executive Mastering Engineer says "It's time to level up! With this in the country, you're bound to no longer listen to these musicians like an audience, you've got an entire technology that'll work with spatial audio. It's like listening 2-3 inches away from actual person doing it. In the past, decoding stereo wasn't just enough, now they decoded Dolby Atmos and we need to be part of that. I often hear in the PH "pwede na Yan!" and we know, we need to catch up!" 

I'm quite sure you've seen the Dolby Atmos mark in movies, music, and just about any of the world class projects that want the best in audio. Think of it as a balancing act of separating each component of a single track and putting them in a 3D space where you can hear distinct vocals, instruments from different directions, where you feel like you're in the actual studio. In the past, some of the movie and song projects in the country were being sent to studios outside the country, and this changes the game. Waxiefied Sound Productions can cater to Philippine based sound engineers, composers, musicians and artists that need their work mastered. They don't need to go out of the country anymore just to get the service done. Here's a short tour of it:

Jiggs Hermano, Waxified's Acoustic Engineer adds "It's very hard for people to once accept stereo, and for 70 years we've been working with that. We started to embrace mp3, and Dolby Atmos changes it. It brings a bigger canvas for us artist, we are making music that is immersive and can be heard everywhere. The music will evolve and make sound feel like you're in it. It adds emotion, it adds space, we now have the ability to put it into  different sides. Mastering makes it sound better, and this is transparent. You just have to turn it on your device. It will adjust to what you are listening to, it's very easy to put into your lives. I was a non believer and now I feel it just blew my mind!"

Jiggs Hermano

Waxie Joaquin, Jiggs Hernando, Vito Syquia, and Peter Hager

Imagine how our films/movies would become when we apply this for entries in international film festivals, or when artists try their luck performing outside the country. They also talked about how it was built, and had several out of country locations to source the equipment for this studio. It was just matter of time to be able to complete it, as they were very confident it was achievable.

I haven't seen so many people geeking out over music and audio all in one place, and  if you wanted to paint a picture of artists who have used this, names like James Reid (songs from his newest release), New Game Plus, Massiah, Nadine Lustre, Jay Ortega, J. Mara, Morobeats, Nicole Asensio, and Dan Gil and Marga Jayy are on the list. If you want to know their services, visit their website or find Waxiefied Sound Productions on social channels.

All for the love of music and the industry! Cheers!


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