ProPak Philippines Slated for February

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

The biggest processing and packaging event is going to happen this February 1-3, 2023 as ProPak Philippines will happen at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines. It has been quite a good venue to promote products in packaging, processing, machinery especially for food, beverages, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and more.

Arch Prakasvudhisarn the Events Manager for Informa Markets says "With the industry needs in packaging technologies, we listen and studies so we can contribute in SME's. No one is left behind. These are many partners we work with in the industry. We are expecting 250 exhibitors including those from Italy, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. For those looking for products and sustainable packaging, this is the perfect opportunity to see what could benefit your businesses and be part of the progressive solutions that can now be made here in the country."

Usec. Blesila Lantayona of DTI says "The pioneering edition of ProPak Philippines was very successful. DTI pushed for innovative packaging initiatives called Pak Pinas through seminars and trade fairs which is why we partnered with MSME Trade Council, DOST, and other private organizations to drive businesses to scale up by doing packaging, marketing, and certification through better technology. We will continue to support ProPak as we see huge potential, congratulations to ProPak Philippines!"

Dr. Jhino Ilano of the Export Marketing Bureau of DTI adds "January to September was a time when we increased imports compared to previous years. We are bouncing back compared to pre-pandemic values. We have seen 11% and continuously growing especially electronics, coconut oil and a lot of other products that have huge potential. We have shown huge export growth and can attribute it to improvement of Filipino products and sustainable ways of doing it."

Engr. Hignio Porte Jr. the President of Philippine Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association says "We partnered with Informa Markets and brought our members to Thailand and it has since made us the third biggest in SEA, but posting highest growth. From over the counter products, vitamins, minerals, immune boosting products including paracetamol was all sold out during the pandemic. There is still high demand and world market growth in the pharma industry. I envy Indonesia and Thailand as much of their products are locally produced before they get released in the country. I told congress about this and even DOH is getting medicine from India and China instead of locally doing it. We have world class distribution in the country, very comparable to products outside the country."

Antonio Tanael of Philippine Printing Technical Foundation also says "Packaging is going to be an important part of what's going to happen in February, we will be supporting ProPak Philippines and working with them hand in hand."

Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. President  Jeremiah Paul Morales says "In the Philippines, in every corner, there are franchise owners. We heeded the call of Franchise. ProPak Asia has helped us in learning more about packaging technologies especially in food where we are involved. Now that they are here, it is going to be more accessible for franchise owners this coming February."

Norman Camungol of Production and Operations Management Association of the Philippines says "This is the most important sector, with a higher multiply effect. It also affects supply chains, inducing demands for technology. We introduce changes and contribute to taxes. The manufacturing sector is now going digital, from web and email channels, it's challenging to make that experience better for the customer. Industries are using smartphones and do video conferencing. You also use apps, smart tech that are all here now. We also use analytics in lots of areas. Our lives are all connected on social media, and machines, systems, can also be like that. The diagnosis can be done quite fast. The ability also to connect to consumers is happening and it shortens sale cycles, delivering products at a faster pace. Before, it takes weeks to find customers but in Nueva Viscaya, there are a lot of farmers who already sell produce even before they get harvested. We need a holistic approach, and it shouldn't be one segment. We used to be a quarter of the economy and we want to have representation just like other countries parliaments. Our partners in packaging and we have partnered with ProPak and DTI in the field of manufacturing."

Anna Anastacio of GS1 Philippines says "We hope to be able to support local packaging especially our 116 member organizations around the world. Ours is the organization authorized to issue prefixes in barcode numbers. It allows products to be sold locally and internationally. It carries info on products, and GS1 Philippines will be in the ProPak event this February."

It's going to be a great place to see businesses and packaging professionals work together and level up your products. Make the trip to World Trade Center in Pasay. Get access in person, or visit for more information.


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